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Propaganda For Sale
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What is Propaganda?

This might be perceived as propaganda, we have to start a war, and we need to make up lies about it to raise the emotional discord in the individuals, thus moving from one square on the board, to next square on the board… like chess pieces.

This is the basic design of propaganda to move the pieces around the globe, cause the angels and demons are playing the chess games, they inhabit your mind with your meditations/prayers/thoughts.
So you are not alone, when you think… and you’re not sure, if it’s your thoughts, or theirs.

The following video is your Introduction to Propaganda

I was sparked by this video on the subject of Propaganda, and got sucked into the rabbit hole, of networked holes with other holes, that are tied to the subject of Propaganda.

Everything in this world is a rabbit hole, leading to the next rabbit hole… it’s mind boggling to understand… and suspiciously mind bending, resembling propaganda.

Rabbit holes is a waste of time, where you are anonymously wasting time, but enjoying the amusement ride.
Your mind is never free to think your own thoughts, without outside influences.

I just started exploring rabbit holes, in the beginning of last year, so I haven’t been through the first year of classes… I’ve been fantasizing my whole life, but it wasn’t till I started “pretending” and chasing a Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.
That my education about rabbit holes began.

Alice in Wonderland, as all literature, is a form of Propaganda.

Propaganda to use your imagination as a worktable, and design your own world.

We’ve been getting lost in our wanderings through Wonderland/propaganda/dreams… I just was ignorant of it before, when I fantasized/dreamed/propagandized all of my life, but didn’t see it, as living in the real world.

I always saw it as innocent dreams or fantasizing, but the target I was trying to reach with my fantasies, heard me… though not in the truth of my mind, but in the love of possibility, that it will happen if need be.
Stalkers make up images and words in their minds, through delusional imaginations, but it never happened in reality… but to the stalker, it did.

So much needs to be communicated/learned with us from our search of the truth… and not indoctrinated by propaganda, cause it’s all speculations, assumptions, of the truth, which has been proven wrong over and over throughout history of humanity.

I’ve come to see this/propaganda as “vanity of vanities” where King Solomon was lamenting about the Earth’s society… which I’m doing now, trying to find a reason for it.

All is vanity, and there is no purpose for it, as well as incomplete truths is propaganda too… it moves you to next square on the board game of Life.
Hopefully, you won’t need rest from this life… where you can sleep for hundreds, thousands, or eons years… you must need the rest.