The Reason Why I don’t like Trump : Why Not ?

— The Reason Why I don’t like Trump —


The arrogance of assuming 4 years to be 8 years, Trump is making himself King.

A self elected fool, looking to con the people. The con is working, and the fools are swimming in a pool of fools.



“Our true nationality is mankind.”
H.G. Wells


I heard that 95 whales beached themselves, last week in Florida, and many more sorrows to come.

More of society is being transformed by technology, and the human spirit is destroyed by distractions of the potshots of technological marvels being hurled at them.


Then Sean Spicer, Trump’s White-house Press Secretary, said some hypocritical remarks, about the inauguration crowds. About Obama’s inauguration crowds, and the ability of the National Park Service was not able to number the crowds.  Trump is worried about his image, which is getting old in my book. I’m getting ready to close the book, and not read anymore… but I got to finish this post.




I will hope that things will change for the better, but the annihilation of the amendments of the constitution with 4 years, becoming 8 years, and totally inept press secretaries, I don’t know what’s in the future of this GREAT country. We took it from the corrupt, and put it into the hands of the corrupted.

He said he was going to have Hillary, investigated, and within 24 hours after winning, he wanted us to give thanks Hillary for her service. WTF….that came out of nowhere.


My Conclusion of Donald J. Trump


trumpThe Donald in my book is just another power hungry liar, and making me hate my life all over again. He’s taking this country apart and selling off our inheritances, and claiming king status like he has the right to turn 4 years, into 8 years.

That should be our right, not his. Four years is still 4 years, and if he survives into another term. Then it’s another 8 years.


I didn’t believe Obama after the first term, that he would survive for another 4 years. He lied during the 1st term. He said  that he would halve the debt, but in fact he tripled the debt. Also, the drone wars rise in 2008, cause they weren’t in the mainstream news.  A whole host of other lies, which I believed in, and voted for him in his first term. Now, the Donald is taking his place in 2016.


This is the Donald bashing moments, before the judgments of the people on their chosen leader.  After 100 days, I’ll come back and say my peace again. I hope I’ve been wrong about the Donald.


Hopes after a 100 Days

Hopefully, I’ll have the words to rectify my beliefs with the humility deserving of forgiveness. But, I don’t see that happening.

I wish I could believe in the leaders we choose, but they’re all liars and thieves. Well, not all liars and thieves, but a majority of them are.

We’ll see in another 100 days, if I changed my mind about him. But I don’t see my mind changing about him… I’m open to change though, but I doubt I’ll see the change happening, that I want.

So, we’ll see the same status quo happening, since I was born.

Every election they promise change, but more of our rights are usurped from us, with the same status quo continuing.


“Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”
Theodore Roosevelt