Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness

— Info Intake Overload : Complacent Madness —


info intake

supplied by the massive info intake upon the mind from the Internet, we’re left confused, or enlightened. It raises a complacent madness, which is an unconscious form of denial. It makes us feel superior to our ancestors.

A form of pride that will be our downfall, if we are not aware of it. To think we are superior than our forefathers. It’s like a dysfunctional family, where everyone is blaming everyone for our problems.

I ask you, is that the way to go?






After watching this video, I’ve thought long and hard to keep up with what I learned, since I became sociable only on the internet. I became a dedicated consumer, with a steady diet of new info. I became more unsocial with other people. Also, I was friendly and social before I joined Facebook. After joining FB, all hell broke loose.

The social network drained me, so that I had no more blood to give. It would kill me otherwise. I need my blood to breathe and live. FB is a corporate whorehouse, and now with the fake news syndrome, I wonder if it’s good anymore.


Puppet Shows Galore

The info it supplies to the corporations about our lives and buying habits, I’m wondering, when the puppet show started. Who is the puppet master? It certainly is not Mark Zuckerberg, I think he is the puppet played by the funding strings.

Puppet shows are many in this world, but they’re all tied together. The political, spiritual, social, etc, there is too many to name, but they’re all archetypal in their structure.  There is a top and a bottom to their structures. I’m at the bottoms, as with all of you. Those at the top, step on your backs with freedoms, that they feel entitled to.

It may be the hard truth to take… that is the complacent madness that feeds the elite. We all share this world, but not equally. We have Google gathering and locking up knowledge with algorithms as bars in our cages. Meaning they choose what we see.

The algorithms supply our searches, or the results of our searches. Which is good sometimes, but we need to not be algorithmically challenged by default. It should be by our choice.

I’m depressing myself talking about this info intake subject.


Complacent Madness of a New Project

I‘ve just started another info intake… in my own complacent madness of setting up a recording studio in my bedroom.

I actually started last year, and the new stuff I had to learn at my old age. Let’s just say it’s all madness… from the beginning of life to the end. This is my moment to go mad.

I’m trying to have a positive outlook, but I have to face that things won’t go my way. I was looking to setup a bedroom studio, and it means I have to do a lot of remodeling. Which will take time, something I’m running out of.

Time is the fleeting bird that migrates south for the winter, but I’m like the Chickadee or an Eagle. I’m a winter bird… I don’t migrate.

Complacent madness is what I have, and since you are happy with the con man as your president. I guess I’ll be just as guilty with complacency, and indifference to top it off. Indifference is the worst sin.


“The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. (Also) The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it’s indifference.”
Elie Wiesel


I went with the Reaper Multitrack recording software. If the Reaper manages to stay in business long enough. It seems to be modeled after Sonic Foundry’s Vegas, so I don’t understand the software patents. Since Sonic Foundry sold their Vegas to Sony, I don’t know how much patents are held by Sony. There is talk of patent pools that corporations hold in silence… like a cat stalking a mouse.

The Reaper is ironic name, and my indifference to boot.


“Politeness is organized indifference.”
Paul Valéry

Conclusion of Info Intake

Complacent madness or uncontrollable madness? I’ve had my share of both. They just make me mad and sad. Therefore, I deserve to be happy, before I die.

A dreamer till the end.