Inflation, is Here To Stay.

Anybody Have a Room

to Stay for Inflation.

The things don’t look good for the banks, and how the Fed manages money is even more shaky…
I see the US in debt, which can change at an instant, so what we’re not expecting, can manage to engulf us in bankruptcy galore with everyone, consumers, banking, and private loan makers.

…when Banks start going under, a panic can ensue,
that sparks a wider financial crisis.

I wonder if the bank runs in the depression era, had that effect on the prices of homes in the 1920’s… which are the bottom lows of prices today.

I tried to get the percentages of the median prices, and they have increased by 250%, which is madness of greed… cause every state had a different median price, but the national median average price was $395,100.  I came up with 250% increase in inflation, with $500,000 divided by the $2000 prices from the 1920’s.

I know the states back east has a higher median price, but some houses back east, has little acreage, and they want $400,000-$500,000 for a pretty run down house.

What people want for house nowadays, it’s in Nassau County, NY. I wouldn’t be happy with them.

I see greed and trying to make a bundle of cash on the pricing of houses, I don’t know what they paid for them, but some look be built in 70’s & 90’s.

The price of gas went up depending on what state you’re in, but California is over $5.39, we are still at $3.57 here in Montana.

The price of groceries increased too, and home and car Insurances also took a rise also.

I wonder about tomorrow, and how it is, and there will be a globally financial crash around the world. I saw that before the local crash in 2008, and the spirit in me, said there will be a global crash… in the future… that will change the structure of global payments.

It sounded like a very bad warning… so I was listening to the world news, and I see it happening… as a scam operation made by fools. I’m not unfairly judging, but I see incompetence as foolishness, disguised as wisdom, playing the game, and rolling the dice.

Here’s another blowhard of doom in the financial forecast… It’s not just me, that hears the spirit inside of us.

Whatever happens, I wish it would be quick and merciful, and won’t last for decades, or even centuries.

But IDK, we just have to believe in something.