HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities

HTTP or HTTPS : Simplicities or Complexities


UPDATE: I finally thought about it, and realized I didn’t have to give up my http site, and now have the HTTPS site also. I don’t know why I thought of giving up the http site, when it’s the core of my blog. Well, I guess I was so wrapped up in my paranoia of censorship, that I excluded the obvious… then it came clear to me tonight. I could have both sites living in coexistence… but I see the dangers of control in the future. Who knows what the world holds for the future.



httpWith Chrome labeling HTTP sites as insecure, cause they don’t have a secure SSL label. I think they’re insecure about losing their stronghold on society. Or labeling fear based control over the traffic on the internet.

Blogs are nothing more than someone spouting off on society, and the SSL format is for protecting personal financial info. I ask no one for their financial info, so the labeling to get SSL, is a form of coercion. Also, I don’t want what I have to say to be encrypted. I want to be a free voice, not caged in encryption.

It’s like a cage, and not free. It may protect the innocent, but you need to talk to hackers too. Planting seeds of righteousness is their only hope of changing their nature. Just showing them empty cages, only propagates their corruptions.


Censorship is HTTPS

Changing the text is a form of censorship, and an invasion of freedom of speech. It’s putting the power in centralized hands, based on fear based terrorism. We are supposed to be fighting a war against terrorism, not promoting it.

You might think it as a little looney view, well, I’ve been called a lunatic before. I always was right, over time. Just no one saw, what I saw.  I haven’t mastered the art of articulation yet.

If the sake of data was money, then it’s best kept their value with encryption, but the raw data is pure and non distorted, and should not be labeled as such.

The encryption of SSL is secret in the hands of the few, and the traffic is guided by the jailers of data. Who says the HTTP is not secure, except by the insecurities of a few who want to protect their wealth.

SSL is OK, if you want encryption run by the elite.

The complexities are breakable by the elite, but not the common man/woman.


Pandora’s Boxes

It opens a whole lot of boxes for Pandora looking to destroy the personal worlds of individuals. Not just one box, but a whole slew of boxes.

It centralizes power to a few, and locks up the freedoms of the many. It enslaves the public’s freedom into small little boxes that limits or restricts to move comfortably. Power, is already too centralized.

That’s what our forefathers fought for in the US revolution, the decentralization of power. The establishment of liberty for all.

The boxes could be compared to encryption cages, that are like zoos for the web masters. The data takes the forms of beasts that they need to control. I’m just spouting off on what I see. You can see it anyway you want.


I like the freedoms that HTTP brings, I don’t like the control that HTTPS brings. It puts the power in the very few knowledgeable minds that are in the elite of society. They were the meek and their time is now… I hope it’s not a bad movie like the Revenge of the Nerds.

Abusing their powers, but that would be like mankind could change for the better. It can happen… we elected Trump, so nothing can surprise me anymore.


Conclusion of HTTP vs HTTPS

HTTP is the way of freedom, and HTTPS is the way of zoos, and centralized powers. One centralized node in the network is not the way. Each node should be independent and capable of communicating to another connecting node, even if it’s another network like a step in stairway.

There is so much that you don’t understand now. What the future holds, is beyond yours and mine’s imaginations.


I’m not dumb and stupid… nor are you.

The push is a warning of something that they want you to overlook, cause once it is in place, it’s a nightmare to get rid of. I see encryption for finances, but plain old HTTP for everyday data, something which is not valuable to anyone.

Only Donald Trump would see his data as valuable, his tweets as the number 1 gems. His inauguration is tomorrow…so this is the last night to rib him. We’ll see what his first “100 days” in office will  be, and then I’ll take potshots at the Donald.


Time passes

Well, the inauguration has taken place… and was a short speech… so hopefully the next 4 years are short. Everything is growing shorter too, old people grow shorter. Time grows shorter as we age…