Israel Kills Foreign Aid Workers.

7 Aid workers were killed,
in 3 separate IDF air strikes.

I guess they struck them in one vehicle, and they went to another vehicle, then another air strike, which made them move to another vehicle where they all died, with the last air strike.
It left a hole in the roof, where the World Central Kitchen logo was on the roof, and it was an incendiary bomb, cause the vehicle was all burned up inside.

The Terrorist state of Israel.
And innocent aid workers, were murdered for trying to bring aid to innocent civilian Palestinians.

I call them a terrorist state for this war, that killed almost 33,000 Palestinians, and they’re bombing other countries Iranian Embassies in Syria, by paranoid intelligence’s, which gets inflated by fears, to be more than it is.

They’re like a dog backed into the corner, and becomes vicious as form of defense… but they’re eyesight is making it more, than it is.

They should take down their occupation walls, and let the Palestinians free in Gaza, cause the West Bank is invaded by settlers too, and confiscations by the Israelis Govt.

Which is supposed to be a Democracy, at least they profess it with Pride, but it locks up the Gaza Palestinians without water and electricity, also the right to travel and leave Gaza… but Egypt is in cahoots with Israel, and won’t let them leave Gaza too.

Egypt is an Arab nation too… I don’t know about refugees in another country, I guess I have friends in Lebanon, that has Hezbollah, as their political enemies.

Politics is the starter of terrorist organizations, and I’ve seen the terror grow from occupying forces, cause it’s good soils to grow the plant of terrors… but you don’t see it as a weed, and it carries no healthy nutritional benefit… only an uneasy feeling, and more terrors grow underneath your feet.

You eat the food of terrors, and it only more terrors grow… propagating the weeds of terrorism, until the whole world is terrorism.

No more democracy, it’s been bought and sold as a slave, and bought by corporations, and pays them through advertising… like “buy slaves here”.

We’ll pay you to buy slaves, cause your vote is no good here. Which gets into consumerism, which is another ranting subject altogether.

But my conclusion of Israel is a dictatorial apartheid terrorist state, not chosen by God, cause my God is fair and righteous, and merciful, instead of a harsh judgmental attitude… unless you like a tyrant God, cause you need a harsh markings on society to keep your place… cause you have your own place/house to make the reasons for living, but others deserve the same place and house, to breathe and live too.

Not for you to occupy, and be in control like a dictator… cause you can’t buy democracy anymore, it’s been all bought and sold.

And you don’t have the right to control and build walls around Gaza, like a prison and control their waters along the coast… it’s a basic prison environment… so you started Hamas as a political party, and left, and started invading the West Bank with settlers…you have created a mess with the Palestinians, by your making it illegal to return to their homes.

Stop dictating the way to peace… we know that’s the Jewish trait, is to hold grudges, the Palestinians are that way too… you come from the same blood… and you like to butt heads to settle your differences.
Try to settle your differences with a game of chess, or some other game… but a peaceful game with no blood spilt.