Mossad: A sh*t Stain on the Israeli Underwear


Intelligence Agencies are leaving
Stains on their Underwear.



The CIA, FSB, Mossad, etc. are all in fear of pooping their diapers in their growing up, and gathering data to make them richer, and unfeeling, as if that’s a weakness.

To be weakened by feelings, but it’s a strength that no man could break, except with death, but that gives them Martyr status, and makes them grow stronger in death.

And gives them power over you on the other side of life, cause it is another dimension that’s invisible, and without time’s chains… that make us decay and rot.

Assassination is the willful killing, by a sudden, secret, or planned attack, of a person—especially if prominent or important. It may be prompted by grievances, notoriety, financial, military, political or other motives.
Many times governments, corporations, organized crime or their agents order assassinations. Acts of assassination have been performed, since ancient times. A person who carries out an assassination is called an assassin or hitman.”

If a person was willing to die for the truth, then no one will die or lie in the future… it may be in the Long Future, but it’s inevitable, that we will reach that horizon in our travels… cause it was decided long ago in the ancient times.

We are like little children learning and maturing, and growing up, and trying to stay uncorrupted till our time to meet God, or not… some don’t deserve to meet God, which to me, is the whole universe.
I can explain it as that, I can’t even contain it… the data is beyond my understanding, or my storage capabilities.

I sound like a madman on the street corner preaching “the end is near”, but I see the media doing that in our minds on the TV News, and Internet News… and whatever survived the newspapers deaths.
Cause everything is online now, and paying by credit card, which some are die hard not to get, and buy the anonymous gift cards… cause you can’t buy or sell anything anymore without a credit card.

So the antichrist is here already, and his designs are in the works.

This was supposed to be about the numerous global govts intelligence agencies, that remind me of bullies in high schools, they gather data about you, and try and threaten you, with brute force attacks… at least that’s what they’re called in the tech field.

They are sneaky like thieves and spies, and gather data of those they call their enemies… I can see the reason of the fears, but you don’t know what’s ahead of you, they might be your lovers in the future… instead of your enemies.

Life is not a game, but you can play games in life, and you can make wars, like in the game of Risk, but the board games are not the real wars, that spill blood, and cause deaths… but it infects your minds, to normalize it, and it becomes acceptable to you… and be programmed/normalized, to think like that.

Well, that’s the environment of propaganda, and Intelligence Agencies, and soon it will be AI Artificial Intelligence, instead of human intelligence, where machines would rule the intelligences of the world.
The secrets of the beast.

It’s either a self fulfilling prophecy, or it gave people a script of the end times, fulfilling the scriptures of the New Testament in the book of Revelation.

Well, whatever it is, it’s being fulfilled, as I type… and it all depends on your interpretations of the scriptures, it might not be for centuries to come, but the future is designed by the scripts of our ancient writings.

Who knows what they saw in their minds, but they wrote it down in the books. We are living by a script writing God, the only thing God picks the screenwriters and hires the actors.

I like to see me, as a Renaissance Man, where I have to know a little about everything, but not a master/expert on anything…

I’m a feather in the wind, and I’m only an observer, and not a ruler/leader… though my first name, Richard means “powerful ruler/leader”, which fed my arrogant narcissism nature, which was a heavy cross to bear in this world, cause of my ethical nature.

What’s right or wrong? I’m beginning not to care anymore, cause God is the designer of his creation, but I know love is not apathetic, and indifferent to care of humanity… there must be some way to be caring, and not destroy myself, with pushing the self destruction button.

IDK, what that, it is everywhere I look there is someone, that wants to lead me into a dark trap, where I waste my time, with making someone else rich, and losing myself in the process.

It’s failure after failure, finding the way… I know truth is the way, but in this world of lies, it’s hard to find the truth in the shadows of this world.

 The Only Thing We Have to Fear, is Fear Itself, and the manipulation effects, that had attacked us during the recent pandemic in 2020, into getting the RNA vaccines… and also boosters every 6 months.

I’m revealing our own sins, and not mean any condemnation to those who got the Pfizer Vaccine, but I guess you needed a booster, cause RNA is only a copy of the DNA, and it degrades and dies, after 6 months.

I think it was set, as a takeover of our minds, but that’s my personal paranoia…