Good and Evil Discussions

Good & Evil
Two Sides of the
Same Coin of Life

Sometimes we hear voices in our minds, giving the pros and cons of the subject, that is in your mind at the time.

Trying to make a selection/decision, but we listen to them under the guise of the masks, that they wear, and become our own thoughts, though they were seeded there, by some other ideology, or religious teaching…

Nobody is the original, or the creator, we get ideas from inspirationally thoughts, induced into our minds by others, either we read what was formed in other minds… and our ideas are better, cause we introduced it from another perspective.

Modified by you, to suit your tastes… it’s a modification, not your own thoughts… it’s modified from a different perspective, it’s your own thought, or idea from that perspective.

Perspective (noun)
1. A way of regarding situations or topics etc.
2. The appearance of things relative to one another
as determined by their distance from the viewer.
3. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects
on a two-dimensional surface.

Our minds are two dimensional boards, unless you’re not ignorant, and realize that there are many dimensions, 3 so far, and more in outer space… there are many innumerable perspectives, and beliefs.
I’m talking about invisible dimensions, the ones we don’t know about yet… only pray to our God about.

Cause we all seek God in prayer of our minds, that we critically think about in the temple of God… which is in ourselves… and not some external building… where you play a part in the play of life, as a character that you created from your aspirations/dreams/goals… or who you want to be.
It’s entertainment for the devils, and the darkside.

I guess you can claim it as your own creation, through copyright or patent it, which is going to be called Den of Thieves in the future.

I refer to Jesus visiting the temple, and overturning the tables of the money changers, and idols that they sold in the house of prayer… which is Earth to me, the world is our temple, and each of us, is another room in our temple… the populations are equal to the number of rooms… somewhere between 6-8 billion.

There’s so many predictions on the number of people, I don’t even know that they know… cause of the deaths and births occurring everyday, its always changing daily… they are doing their best at guessing.

I remember reading, God got angry of King David counting his armies with a census. Numbering them with the powers of gods, is a no no to God, the good side of God, but the dark side of God where Satan rules, numbers are sign of the majority… is a tool of democracy.

It’s being corrupted by the money changers(lobbyists) infections in our congress… spreading viruses at whims, and is destroying our understandings of life, and programming us like code writers trying to install a new programs in our minds.

Minds = Operating Systems

Brain is your hard drive, that it is written on.

Well, your mind is the intellect in conjunction with your heart, so the mind is the physicality, from the brain with data, and the heart, which is spiritual side with emotions, and spiritual with feelings, that our hearts only feel.

Spiritual feelings are the worst, cause they cause you eternal pains… or you could be numb like me. I still feel the pains, but I’m shot up with novocaine, so I’m numb to the pains… but watching the pains in others, it still hurts.

Mind is the networking with the brain and the heart, and other bodily organs, but the brain and the heart are the major ones… I might be missing the point of what God is revealing to me, but it’s the best I can do for now.

Darkside and Daylight, two sides of the same coin of life… it’s not money, so the greedy need not seek it… it’s only for an example, and to spark an interest from the darkside.

It’s something to think about, for everyone alive and dead.

We seek answers for all our problems, and some we find, and never saw it before, but it was always there in front of us, hiding behind our pride… and not a pride of lions, but the proud blinders that you where, when you’re going through the streets of consciousness.

Some are blind, and some have eagle eyes, it depends on how you were raised… but everyone deserves to breathe, and experience life freely… NOT causing harm to others rights or property, it covers the commandments of thievery and envy.

You should respect, others as you would want to be respected, love others, as you would want to be loved… Jesus inspired me to say that.

I’m finished on this subject… pray about it, and maybe God will reveal the answers to you, or if you’re an atheist, maybe the spirit of your intellect, will reveal it in your thoughts… I could go on and one, addressing your many different personalities, which are very many and unique, but I’m trying to close this writing… but I’m awkward at good byes.