Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing

— Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing  —


The social madness of everyone disagreeing and judging everyone, is making the political world a mess.

People like Trump doesn’t make sense of the world with their overbearing egos. He manages to turn the subject into self made boasting. It’s been over a year, and he’s never made any sense. He’s into starting wars, as with everyone else he judges. I’m judging him now too, so I’m a hypocrite. I preach don’t judge anyone, but I know it’s hard not to judge.

I’m pushed to the brink of judgment with Trump.


The one General he should’ve of listened to, he’s not.

I like Ike. He warned of the dangerous aspect of the Military Industrial Complex, before the Kennedy took office.



There was another General Smedley Butler that wrote a flyer booklet that discussed the profit making military called War is a Racket.  The following Video is Gen. Butler warning of the attempted fascist coup during FDR presidency.




I don’t know what Trump’s influences are, but the stooge that he is, they must be bombarding him with lies and more lies.

I don’t envy the leadership of Trump, he’s just another stooge disillusioned by his ego.

I’ve been disillusioned before by my ego looking for fame, and I don’t want to go back there, but Trump is disillusioned and he doesn’t notice it. He’s blind to his own delusions.


Being the ego’s puppet is excruciatingly painful, the ego is the core of your being.

So the pain goes deep inside. Your emotions are the core of your being, and I can speak as an expert of emotional pains. I’ve been pained at every little lie I believed, and besides judging in anger, I don’t know what else to do or say.

I usually choose anger and judgment, but there is another way that will free you from the anger’s clutches.

The social scenes of madness, and patriotic fervor is about as phony as feather in the wind. It doesn’t stand on its own, it changes direction with every next wind.

It’s pretty windy in the world of politics.