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What is GOD?

  I Wonder! I‘ve been wondering about God all my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that God, is everyone alive and dead, and righteousness is his way, cause everything the devil does is evil, and he’s the darkside of God. I came from the Catholic indoctrination, the NYC Catholicism, cause I find the …

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Salt of the Earth, & Light of the World

Plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, & Potassium to grow healthily. Salt is a plant killer, in fact there are many plants that they kill… don’t drown someone in salt water… it leaves them dead… or gives them a tombstone to mark their grave on the Dead Sea, I failed the Chemistry classes in High School(Watch this …

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Good and Evil Discussions

Good & Evil Two Sides of the Same Coin of Life Sometimes we hear voices in our minds, giving the pros and cons of the subject, that is in your mind at the time. Trying to make a selection/decision, but we listen to them under the guise of the masks, that they wear, and become …

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Determinism and Free Will…they Both Exist!

Determinism and Free Will   Life is itself, an illusion. Those things that make up that illusion, are illusions in themselves. We all live in our little bubbles. Free will exists as an illusion of choice, and determinism is the devil’s tool of testing. You can fight the testing by making a choice, or you …

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2Rains – Drip Drip

2Rains – Drip Drip   This song is one that I had a hard time writing, it was another song me and Mike wrote in Alaska around 1997. It’s about lack of inspiration… where inspiration, comes in drips, and not raging like a river. Patience is the key to finding your roots, and the purpose …

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Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it. It was given to you by the grace of …

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Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare

— Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare —   I‘ve been trying to post here all month, but it seems the elite minded sees us as mad ranters…and hack away at my peace. I’ll just rant at/in my peace, and claim it as my right… and I’ll take potshots at their peace in hopes …

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Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery

sexual understanding

— Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery —   Sexual understanding is the first step towards the awakening. It’s a shaky lifelong staircase, but once it’s understood, its solid ground. The understanding, if it’s true, will be your strength. When all else fails around you. Sexual understanding is the awakening of your core. It comes …

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Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry

jews for jesus

— Jews for Jesus : One for Israel Ministry —     I came across this Jews for Jesus by  One for Israel ministry on youtube. It’s a bunch of Jews testifying of accepting Jesus into their lives, and learning that Jesus was a Jew also. I became marveled at my memory of him being …

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Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools

organized religions

— Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools —   I‘m not against organized religions, but they take the face of the devil all too often. Distortions of the truth, serves their agendas. Christianity is the biggest culprit in my book, along with all the other Abrahamic religions. Judaism, and Islamism too. They serve their …

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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross


— Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross — 10/25/2016     The world must be regulated and controlled. In order to organize it, and it, to be understood. Like Atlas beared the world on his shoulders, the world is so heavy like a cross. That Jesus carried for the populations as an example. …

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The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest


— The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest — 10/14/2016   I need to make this statement about the devils inside of all of us. Put them to REST IN PEACE. Like Jesus said to Peter “Get behind me Satan…”, pertaining to his concerns with the material world. When the flesh and spirit …

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Maze of Mazes… Mice on Earth


— Maze of Mazes … Mice on Earth —   The deep thoughts that go through my brain late at night. The human population on earth is compared to rats or mice in a maze. We gain knowledge which makes us delusional, or superior to our brothers and sisters. That is the classical delusion of …

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Alone We Are Weak and Fragile

— Alone We Are Weak and Fragile, But Together we Are Invincible —     Alone I’m fragile and weak, but with the like minded, I’m an unstoppable force of change. That’s why I’m a hermit. I would do more damage than blessings to the world, I’m a monster in hiding. A cute cuddly monster …

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blah blah Pope blah blah

— blah blah Pope blah blah —   The media frenzy of justifying the Pope’s visit to America, is a bit overboard. He runs the church of Christ (Catholicism), or so he should be. I thought we were to follow Jesus, and mimic him by example with love and don’t judge. We see judgments running …

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The Story of War

— The Story of War —   The story of war, was thought of before mankind was ever present on this world. It was a dark day, when they thought up the theory of conflict, and how to enact it. It had many aspects including deceptions, which gave its momentum to spread throughout the world. …

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Languages : The doorway to infinity

— Languages : The Doorway to Infinity —     Jason Silva and Kevin Kelly voices the languages to be the first singularity that we experienced as humankind. Whether we were planted here as a seed or created, I don’t know, but how language came about we can only conjecture at. Did it always exist …

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How do we communicate with Aliens

— How do we communicate with Aliens ?—   I think the medium to communicate with Aliens is the spirit of God, we have yet to discover the medium of God. We love to delude ourselves and praise God, with empty words, as if it pleases God. God is not pleased, God left us here, …

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Death penalty is justified Murder

— Death penalty is justified Murder —   Justification of a crime on top of another crime, with same equality of the crime being judged… it’s not murder when the state does it? It’s legal. The state claims it is a deterrent, but it accuses the innocent in its quest, and eventually they get proven …

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Killing Jesus infinitely

— Killing Jesus Infinitely —   The first five minutes of “Killing Jesus”  written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which is expected to debut tomorrow, we killed him over 100 times in the movies, it’s like our obsession with watching snuff films over and over. We watch our sins murdering a sacred individual, over …

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Religion or Christ’s Spirit

Religion or Christ’s Spirit I choose Christ’s Spirit…religion is so tyrannical. Jesus or religion, is the question we are left with, since religion killed Christ, I see they battle till there is a winner. I choose Christ as the example, I’ll follow, instead of religion’s dogmas and traditions. They angered Jesus’ patience with the money …

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