How do we communicate with Aliens

— How do we communicate with Aliens ?—


I think the medium to communicate with Aliens is the spirit of God, we have yet to discover the medium of God. We love to delude ourselves and praise God, with empty words, as if it pleases God. God is not pleased, God left us here, but left God’s spirit for those who sought God.

Or we envision it, to be what it is not, misleading us for thousands of years, which is what has been our history of life itself. That is filled with judgments and condemnations, as if we were God.

This phenomenon is true, but we judge each other, when we should judge principles and powers, right and wrong, the only problem is the judgments are cast on the individual, rather than their actions. You don’t condemn the actions and not incarcerate the individual, but educate the individual the right way to do it, and since there are many ways of doing right.  Who’s to say what way is right?

What’s done in one way in the west, in the east it is done another way.

The east chooses chopsticks to eat, and the west chooses forks and spoons to eat, it’s not about right and wrong, it’s harder, if you never used chopsticks, but it doesn’t make it wrong, only harder for those who are not familiar with the usage of chopsticks.

There are many more examples of the different usages between the west and the east, but I only thought of this one, I had a day from hell, and my brain is at its end, that’s all I could muster, with the help of Google.

This video is what supports my mind’s thoughts for this night, my God is not your God, since all of our religions are different looking at another perspective of the vastness of God.

We are in a Galaxy which is a cell of God, and who knows the size of God? I believe that Jesus is from God, and he taught all of us are from God, that we are a part of God, thus making us all the children of God.

“OUR FATHER” Jesus’ example of how to pray to God. We must seek God in spirit, not in the temple before the other worshipers, but it must be in truth and from the heart… cause I’ve seen many people leave church and sin without a thought… before I go into a whole spiel about my day from hell, I would like you to view this video and commune with God, whatever you see God as.

God is as vast as the universe and more beyond, just don’t quench the spirit that is in you, that is the breath of God, and you don’t want God to have bad breath.