Death penalty is justified Murder

— Death penalty is justified Murder —


Justification of a crime on top of another crime, with same equality of the crime being judged… it’s not murder when the state does it? It’s legal.

The state claims it is a deterrent, but it accuses the innocent in its quest, and eventually they get proven wrong, but after 3 decades there is no reimbursement that would satisfy me. Mr Hinton is controlling his anger, more than I would’ve been.



Mr Hinton deserves a break, and more than an apology to make up for the mistake of 3 decades of his life in prison for a crime, he did not commit.

I wonder how many countries go through the same justices served, which are capable of being wrong, like us, the more justified murders masked as righteous justice.

God only should have that power and no one else, but there are a lot of phony God impostors filling the world, and because they fill the upper levels of the State, they murder at will.

Death row stories of the many, not just a few. If we are so wrong, imagine another country that uses God as the motivation, with the false prophets galore, imagine if there is God in the flesh, but we killed him, today as the anniversary of that mistaken justice, which was basically murder.

He was the true prophet, and he decided to die, rather than pick up a sword. The murder of Jesus on the cross was performed by the state of Rome, indirectly by the Pharisee’s and Sadducee’s  accusations. Today is Good Friday which is the day that Jesus supposedly died on the cross. It seems Jesus had his day when Mr Hinton was set free, and hopefully more will be released for being wrongfully accused.

Happy Easter where we would remember it’s not the Easter Bunny that died for the sake of humanity, rather than picking up the sword to prolong our miseries.