Goals Shmoals

In a World of Interconnectivity
is a Massive Network,
So you must be Sure of your Goals

With global network coming into focus for all, with the UN and all of there organizations, ICJ, ICC, UNRWA, etc. … and a whole host of other connections, that will form within our lifetimes, and in the future after we retire from life…. die/sleep, in otherwords.

We need to know what we are to achieve, with common goals on the horizon… we are like bacteria, viruses, etc. in the Petri Dish called Earth.
We’ll never reach the walls of the Petri Dish, that limit our progression towards the goals on the horizon… which can be compared to God… the Father of us all.

Or we do and we grow vertically, and mix with the other bacteria, fungi, etc., in layers and hierarchies of power and governances, cause we reached the end of the walls of the planet… and we must grow vertically, or deeper in otherwords, or higher in otherwords too.

You must have the freedom to choose which way to grow, either outside delusionally, with knowledge data as a scientist, and discover new things in your delusions… or illusions, that become reality.
The Wright brothers were once fools, with a dream of flying, but now there is an aviation system of flying around the globe.

Goals are important to us all, some goals are sins/errors/mistakes, but once we set goals, we progress in that direction… or set course in that directions.

Wackiness invents inventions, with dreams and hopes for a better world… hopefully, we see their noblest inventions, cause the parasites feed on them, and take everything, they can take from them… and leave their bite marks on them with their sins/errors teeth.

I’m progressing into the judgement territories… and I don’t feel good about that.., so I must shut up.

Jesus, said don’t judge others, but others keep doing the wrong things… and it’s a struggle to keep silent… when they have the freedoms of committing wrongs on other people.

Even we had an apartheid/civil rights movement in 1960’s, and Israel is still in denial of discriminations against the Palestinians…
They share the same land, but still they discriminate with checkpoints, and separations with walls…
They claimed the West Bank after the 1967 war, but they occupied, instead of returning it to the Palestinians.

The bitter egos battles, the best way they can… by what they can understand… which is cloudy, at the moment, from all the bombs fogging up our thinking.

Defense is in a moment to block an attack by a fist, it’s not an aggression with a war for almost  a year… it stopped being a defense, when you stopped trying to block, now it’s an all out fight.

The spiritual warfare soldiers are supplying propaganda shells into your minds with the media stories… the reporters are the soldiers on another front, in the wars between good and evil… but both good and evil are fighting against each other, but they don’t see the global body hitting itself, in its own face, with each bomb, and deaths that come from those bombs, leaving bruises of the domestic abuse calls(Wars).

Well, it’s the truth, as the best, that I can tell it…

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