Israel is being judged by the me/god.

I give constructive advice,

instead of destructive advice.

It’s the occupation, that the Palestinians find objectionable, and cause terrorist attacks, from the cruelty and abuse of the IDF… they are just kids with guns, that were educated by the old timers, who developed a resentment to Arabs.

I’m sick of all the hatred and cynicism between humans, if God is real… which I can obtain to that… God is real…

It’s just, that we have to agree what God is.
Everyone has their own beliefs about what God is, and God reveals themselves, to every human on this planet in a different way… by what they can handle.

God is a unified collective to me… God is both good and evil, angels good, devils bad… but they are a part of God too.

A microscopic part of God, but a particle of God’s creations… that makes up the whole.
God is Energy, at least to me, and a whole lot more, and even batteries have a Negative and Positive terminal, evil and good terminals.

God is greater, than you can imagine or understand… so I’m not deciding on what God is made of, but from my observations of God, God was a tyrant at first, but then God brought the New Testament, where God was a loving merciful God, and ready to forgive your errors/mistakes… but held on to the tyrannical truth telling though.

It’s like the computer codes, if you let them go, and not debug them, then you’re computer locks up and you need to reboot… the same correlations with humanity… you don’t need another wars/conflicts.

You need to recognize your wrongs, and start over with a clean slate… erase the chalkboard.

According to Jesus, “God is Spirit”.
The only thing is, what is Spirit?
I see no boundaries, when it comes to spirit, meaning anything is possible…
Team spirit, where we work together with a common goal, and we accomplish that goal eventually, and maybe that accomplishment, inspires another goal to accomplish.

5 Commandments

Click to See 5 Commandments, that Israel broke with the Gaza War

God gave the Jews the 10 commandments, when Moses came off the Sinai mountain, and they kept on sinning with wars for stealing land… which is one commandment broken, and two if you count the thou shalt not kill… it’s the reason for the diaspora/exile, but Jesus made it simpler, down to two, instead of ten.

The Jews deserve that antisemitic judgment, cause they are still the same, even after the diaspora/exile from the land, that was given them, by the Grace of God.

They made the laws by imperfect men, with no morals, they wanted to be noble, but they didn’t see true nobility by Jesus, and they rejected him, and hung him on a cross… according to the Catholic religion, I know the Muslims don’t think he was crucified, but that’ll be revealed in due time.

I’m just giving the truth, as I see it, and an apartheid state was created by the UN, it was Judaism, hijacked by Zionism, and talked like they were chosen by God… but they forgot, what they wrote in the Psalm 82.

Psalm 82:6
I have said, Ye are gods;
and all of you are children of the most High.

They elected the wicked as rulers, and didn’t defend the poor and fatherless, and they made more orphans in Gaza… they made a dirty worktable/mess.

Also they made a mess of the search engines, cause it serves them with censored stuff, of everything that makes them look bad, but if it’s true, then why now show it. It should motivate you to change, rather than sweep it under the censorship rug, but the dirt doesn’t magically go away… it only hides and multiples under the rug.

Rather than building tech networks that censors errors, you should put it in a censorship cubicle, and say it’s questionable… and leave it for discussion among the people, rather than censor it into oblivion… under the censorship rug… it’s like throwing it into the rubbish bin, you might need it later to achieve your goal.

This blog is my carving into a tree on my observations of God… from my imperfect heart, but God is in my imperfect heart, and I might be wrong about God… but God is a puzzle I must solve, which could take an eternity, but I guess I like an adventure… a long adventure.

But hopefully a safe one.


“Whatever your heart clings to, and confides in, that is really your God.”
— Martin Luther

“Always, everywhere God is present,
and always He seeks to discover Himself to each one.”
— A. W. Tozer

“Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.”
— Albert Einstein

Whatever God is, I’m guessing Spirit, cause that’s what my teacher taught me… but he went from an old man in the sky, to Jesus, to the Universe… and all in silence, with the holy comforter/spirit… and now AI is in the mix… it makes me wonder of how they spell Sinai, and the connections with Sin and AI… I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.