Venting your Mind, before It Blows.

Ranting is one of the Forms.

I think that PC’s are a Blessings, and a Curse.
Ranting is one form of venting, but beware, that you are polite, and don’t hurt the ones you love, with the things you rant about.

The PC’s are a blessings, cause they help you achieve your dreams and hopes…but they are a curse when they’re filled with errors, and they lock up, and need a rebooting to wipe the error table/desk, from your sight and minds.

And all is normalized, in your consciousness, and our cognitive actions, with the reboot of our minds.
It’s still is prone to errors/sins overload again, and another reboot is needed, and not by our judgment and anger, cause that only causes stress on our bodily systems.

I hope that all is kosher(genuine or authentic”) in your lives, with the reboot of your minds, and you see all the good things about life, that makes you want to get out of bed to greet the new day.

I’ve been in reboot all of my life, and then I overload with sins/errors/mistakes once again, and I need another reboot again. I’d like to save the stuff, that I was working on, before I need another reboot.

Forgiveness of my foes, cause of their mistakes are effecting my sights and plans… and are locking up my plans, and I need another reboot, and not go to war against my enemies, with the hostilities of anger, cause that only begets more anger… until you end up at the bottom of the snow hill, where it was a little snowball when it started rolling down the hill, and now, is a giant snow bolder, running into the big trees, and it comes to a stop in little pieces, like a ruins.

This is my antisemitism moment, behind the shadows in my mind. We all have visions in our minds, when we speak… but only at the depth of puddles, which are only are several inches, but my mind is diving in the oceans of the world, so I see things, that you haven’t seen, or ever will see.

I’m speaking metaphorically, and not realistically… virtually, instead of reality.
Like Jesus spoke in parables, I’m doing that too. To shine the light on the subjects/objects in views of yous, I’m from Brooklyn, and I never could get rid of the Brooklyn dialect words, that I use.

It’s not all about me, as other narcissists would have you believe… we all are narcissists, it means that you are concerned about yourselves, more than you are concerned about others…
Who hasn’t had those moments, when your plans are torpedoed by someone else’s plans, and your plans are sunken, by another’s plans.

Narcissism = “Person full of egoism and pride.”

We are all narcissists to a different degree, on all sorts of levels, and those on the cellar’s levels too. That describes military industrial complex to a capital T, cause they feed all the wars, and dictators of the colonial might.

Which are many crossing the borders they set, and taking from others in the systems/organs, they setup in the body of the world. Much like the fleshly bodies, that they used as a models, for all of their empires, that we built here on this planet Earth today.

You can have too much colonialism, as you can have too much cholesterol in your bloodstream… you have bad cholesterol, but you also have good cholesterol too. You need cholesterol to develop your systems of immunities, with good health.

But you have bad cholesterol making wars between your organs, and looting the resources from them… I need to change the parable structure, to more mechanical, and not biological.

Corruptions are like grease build up on an engine, the more it’s ignored, the dirtier an engine gets… cause it was ignored.
Why it’s ignored? It is a mystery to me.
Probably, because of what you’ve done before, and someone who comes after you, does the same corrupt thing, but they build it, upon the corruptions, that you built in the first place.

Corruptions are shifting sands or grease, with no firm foundation to build anything lasting on… and it will become a ruin, without constant maintenance on it.

That’s the end of my ranting… to relieve the pressures on my mind.