My God, is Everyone’s God.

My God, is the God of Abraham,
which makes it,
the God inside all of US.

This is my sermon for today, about the almighty God… and my deductions in trying to find God, and God once breathed into us, and we became a living soul… so, we are souls, God didn’t give us souls, God made us souls.

The first 2 chapters of Genesis had me at odds with the Catholic church, at 20 years old, when I finally read the Bible… but the year before, I was in the spiritual presence of God, and God(Then Jesus to me) taught me about the book, and all the  principles that he taught.
When I read the Bible, it was only a confirmation, of what he taught me the year before, in just the spiritual form.

Why I didn’t read the Bible before that? Is a question, that had no satisfactory answers to me.

I skipped the “begets” book… it was supposed to mark their lineage, but I said “I got it”… there were somethings I should’ve learned, but cause I didn’t finish reading it… I wanted to learn the truth about God, and not mankind.

Which probably stifled my knowledge about love, and I didn’t have the patience to seek out the truth about love, by listening and reading all the “begets” (Genealogy).

We have the, that we still seek our origin of our history, who are our ancestors?
Well, God is the first one I learned I came from… according to the Catholics, so he was first our “Father”, and my Dad was God.

The Our Father

Our Father, Who art in heaven,
Hallowed be Thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy Will be done,
on earth as it is in Heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

I wish I realized that the Father, was a spiritual being, and cause Jesus said that “God is Spirit” – John4:24, but I had to go through the accident, and through all the physical pain, to finally read it in the bible. Catholicism is like a retard, trying to teach us about God, it might be over their heads, and they can’t teach about what they don’t know.

I’m not against the Catholics, Jews, or Muslims… all are the descendants of Abraham, cause all of them are the descendants of Abraham, along with the Gentiles(Cousins)… some distant… but we all have the same Father(God)(Creator).

The more I seek God, the more God evades me, and when I stopped seeking God, and I sat there pouting, and God(Jesus) came to me then, he asked me to follow him, so I did, and he again evaded me, it was like a recurring childhood dream I had…

Eventually, I figured out what the dream meant, sometime in my 20’s, and not when I had the recurring dreams. We were living on E. 40th St., I was living there between 4 – 8 years old, I had that dream in my younger years, more than once… I can remember it about 3 times… it might have been 4 times.  It was definitely, before my teens.

And it meant, that I could seek God, all my life, and I would never catch God, cause God was a ghost, cause God was spirit, according to Jesus.

I’m sorry I had to go through 20 years of doubt, and running into walls to get out of this maze called life, but I got my instruction set from the Catholics, who didn’t define what God is, clearly to me.

But I’ll forgive them too, cause they couldn’t comprehend what God is, or even fathom it, the idea of God.

But they schooled me, like they knew all about God, and I didn’t, which was detrimental to me, and my development… but God was always with me, cause he was my Father, in a spiritual form… cause God is spirit.

The Great Spirit of the Natives of this country, that we colonized, and put the Natives on their reservations, like the open air prison in Gaza, along the same lines… the Palestinians, are like the Natives of the US, they were there before and generations, before that… in fact, they’re from Asia, Siberia, or India, and came over on the ice bridge into Alaska… at least that is the theory of how they landed here, in North America.

Colonization is the make up the networking of the body of Christ, the only problem with that is wiping off the corruptions that develop… a good cleaning with a hot shower… is what we need, but we have leaders that are in denial, that we need a good washing… which brings up Charley Brown kids and Pig-Pen, written by Charles Schulz in comics and yearly TV Shows, as the leaders of the world.

It’s a simple description of the world we live in now… it’s something to think about, in your quiet time with God, this Sunday. And the correlations, that I brought up about God, and how they connect with your own lives.

We have the Peanuts characters as people that we socialize with, and the character Pig-Pen as our politicians, with needing a good cleaning… cause they don’t smell their own mess, but we do.

I‘ll end it on that note…
I’m kind of skanky smelling, I have not a real bed bath cleaning, since I was in the hospital in 2022, and since I first went in the hospital in September of 2020… I smell myself, which is a curse, that I must endure.

Eventually, I’ll see a cleaning… it’ll be 4 years, since I had a hot shower… one that I felt clean with, but it’s been all bedbaths, since then. I need to get in the whirlpool with the bubbles, it was put in by David, 3 years ago, but I can’t use it… at least not by myself… and I won’t fall and be left on the floor…
I was that way, trying to get in the Bobcat Toolcat in the garage for hours… before someone came over to rescue me.

I’m not going to go through that again, I had strength then, but laying in bed for 4 years, and I’m older and weaker now… it scares me to take a bath.

But I guess, everything is possible with God… I’ll just wait, till God sends me an angel, to take a bath… or fall trying to get back into my powerchair.