Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare

— Saving Files Here has been a Nightmare —


I‘ve been trying to post here all month, but it seems the elite minded sees us as mad ranters…and hack away at my peace.

I’ll just rant at/in my peace, and claim it as my right… and I’ll take potshots at their peace in hopes that they get the message, and see it as a waste of time… no one capitalizes or benefits. You don’t want me to do it to you, so why piss me off by doing it to me.

It seems I’m free to save my posts… at least for now.


I just wanted to rant on the views that I’ve been having lately. 

Failing eagle eyes maybe giving you delusions, but understanding what I’m saying is the key.  The nation is going the wrong way, since I’ve been born, every president has been a pawn of fear, instead of liberating us from fear. Starting new wars and feeding the military machine, out of fear and the delusions of victory. That fear will go away, and leave us alone.

Violence begets violence, and it is merciful that God doesn’t call you stupid… Oh God already did that… but out of love he left you to suffer for your own sins, and eventually you’ll get it, and be saved.

Jesus spoke of the divine in yourself, and everyone was a child of God…he called God, the Father.

It’s like the alcoholic, that knows he drinks too much, but he has to see it and want to change. All the pleas coming from you, are nothing but a fly buzzing around his/her head.


Personal localized Rants

Much like the wood moths flying around my head this winter. I decided to kill the all, those who don’t kamikaze themselves on the wood stove.

Stay out of the house, and I won’t bother you.

I tried to please them by not killing them, but the turkeys and the squirrels are shitting/defecating all over the porches, and stealing the food for the birds. Turkeys are dumb birds, as well as the squirrels, well the squirrels are more arrogant than dumb.

Whoever is feeding the turkeys, I’ve been living here in this house for 18 years, and only the last couple of years they’re invading the bird feeders.

I guess I need to get a dog, but I’m feeling the dogs is something that I won’t be responsible for anymore. I don’t want to take care of myself anymore, and taking care of another animal is not my cup of tea.

I guess I will, or maybe I will not feed the animals in the winter. They eat my peace, which is my food…or I should say they steal my peace.

February has been a major bummer for me… between the political spectrum and the animal kingdom…which isn’t much different from the other… political and animal. They’re both dumb liars… but not the people… God sees what good is in them.

God has got to have good eyes, mine is failing.

I see everybody as a dumb animal, but I know there is grace alive in them. I was naive in my younger days, but that turned to reality like running into a brick wall.

After hitting that wall for the thousands of times, there was an awakening… I’m still following Jesus, but more looking around and being aware, so I don’t run into brick walls.


I don’t own anything, but I’m a diehard consumer… makes sense doesn’t it?

I’m at war within myself, that’s where the true Jihad is … overcoming yourself and your urges.

Anyway, I’m done ranting, and finally it’s been saving posts, without a problem.

I’m glad that has been done at least… computers are a major problem, when you base your whole lives on that new technology tool.

You are already a bionic extension.

Your PC or Iphone/Android toy is your major extension, that is not part of you…it controls you, you do not control it. Think about it.