The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest

— The Devils inside of Us… Put them to Rest —




I need to make this statement about the devils inside of all of us. Put them to REST IN PEACE.

Like Jesus said to Peter “Get behind me Satan…”, pertaining to his concerns with the material world. When the flesh and spirit are separate existences in different dimensions, but also in this world too.

We only see the world and all its power over us. We don’t see, we have control over all its powers.

Giving mankind control over all its dominions, pertaining to the angels and the demons. When they are here on earth.

I’m not that smart, but what from what I understand of the religions and the prophets, we are in control of all the powers over the earth.


The current candidates for world leaders think that with extreme convictions… but they don’t see their views as “radical”. They see the terrorist’s views as radicals, but they don’t see their own terror as radical. It’s my own demons that terrorize me with these thoughts, cause I see both sides.

I’m mainly against terrorism. No matter whose doing it.


It’s true that people listen to the demons mostly, cause there are many that would attack you for their own will. There are many that listen to the angels too, but quickly go off on a tangent. What they thought, they meant, and quickly lead us to the land of delusions.

Truth is just as dangerous as a lie, when it’s misused, and propagated for abusive reasons.

It becomes a lie disguised as truth, thus the wolf in sheep’s clothing. The transformation is remarkable at first, but quickly becomes a sickening experience. When the awe becomes understandable, you realized you believed in a lie. Which is the sickening part.


Solitude’s Rewards

Loneliness is what makes me think of these things, but I cherish my solitude, but I hate my solitude too.

I long to articulate my thoughts, so that you understand without questions. Well, that is the forgotten dreams. That will never happen.

You will always have questions. We are questioning everyday. The only thing, it’s the angels and demons, that hears us.

The Devils are our angers,selfishness, pridefulness, etc., and the angels are our positiveness, philanthropic, lovingness, etc., and what they answer our questions with, is our imagination’s interpretations.

What we do with those interpretations, is what we make of the world.


We must confront our demons with humility, and our angels with loving thoughts, that is the road to inner peace.

I’ve been battling my own demons, and when I deal with them in humility, I’m victorious. When I deal with them in a prideful way, I lose, and I am filled with stress. This election is a sign of the demons attacking me, as all the past elections in my life.

I’m getting wiser as I grow older, but that leads to delusions and foolery too. We can become disillusioned with an egocentric nature, which is the nature of the elections process. A total egocentric experience for us all.

We actually believe that we need other people to achieve what we want to achieve, it requires cooperation between the powers that be in the world.

Well that cooperation between nations is there, and needs to be recognized between ALL nations. Not just the big nations with the nuclear powers. It just feeds the fears(devils).


“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.” 2 Peter 2:19


Thoughts Of Devils

We have power over the devils and angels, and if I’m condemned for saying this. Know it’s been said before many times in the scriptures. We just forgot.

They both deserve respect and love, but not fear. Fear gives them power over you. I may be sending you to grow wild before them.

But it’s like the parable of weeds, we grow with the wheat, if we’re weeds. Growing together wildly, with our roots intermingling. When the harvest comes we will receive judgment, not imprisoned into the lake of fire. The fire is a sign of refinement.

The fire is another subject that requires a whole lifetime to understand, much more to understand it.

I know I’ve been searching it my whole lifetime, and even when I die, I know I will not fully understand the fire analogy.

So to end this post don’t fear the devils, RIP the devils.


Life is so mysterious, and its ending is even more mysterious. Seek the good, and reject the bad… not in judgment, but in humility. Leave the judgments to God.

Otherwise you will be labeled as Daesh, the major player of the devils that we know, alongside with Al Qaeda. They are advocates of the devil’s voices.

Don’t be like them, and put them to rest. Fear gives them more power.