Coerced Journalism vs Free Press.

I Sat Through Hours of Highlights

On CSPAN Hearings That Deal With
Free Press or Fee Press

Doing the Blog writing, I’ve been searching the truth in mainstream media, and finding nothing but propaganda, and manipulating the minds of the people.

I’m all for the truth, but the propaganda is my enemy… it’s a deceptive truth, causing you to assume… much like the marketing assumptive rhetoric, to get you to buy something. Much like the Bernays’ rhetoric, taking the place of propaganda, and “more into indoctrination”.

CBS took the stand against ADs, there isn’t any ads in the news stories, and it’s a form of indoctrination too, in a way.
I admired them, cause they followed my way, but it was a subtle way to manipulate me, making it an indoctrination to share their news stories.

When they get into editorials, then they get into BS that indoctrinates me… persuades my mind into thinking like them.

Here is the crew at CBS, and their staff too… the indoctrination team… I sound harsh in my reporting, but it’s the truth to me, but not the whole absolute truth… there is so much more, that’s hidden, and inaccessible… unless you know the way.

I guess I’m for Free Press, and NOT the Fee Press.
What today’s mainstream media is. They are funded by the advertising industry, and making money and profits, by indoctrination, rather than revealing true information.

Half truths, rather than whole truths, cause once you’re tricked into assuming, then you’re free to be manipulated, and they take shot at you with half truths, spinning you around, till you get dizzy, and you are left in a despair hump, like a dustball, that you’re to cleaned from under your bed.

I could go on and be rhetorical with a certain flowery charm, to manipulate you, like the advertising industry, but I won’t do that.

I’m all for the truth, and God…
Whatever God is? But I follow Jesus to that paradise, by seeking the God, that he said to seek…

And that God has been in my life, before I could think, and after that too… we had a rough life, and God never judged me. God set their devils before me screwing everything up in my life, with stumbling blocks in my paths, but God sends their angels to helps me overcome them…
Angels and Devils are amongst us here and now, and they are you, my fellow fools and wise people.

The fellows of the common people, and the elite too… which claim to be wise, but are lowly fools like me.
They’re the most commonness of the populations around the world, but are blind, and don’t look in the mirror and see themselves… they see only their ego’s aspirations… an illusion of the truth… but not fulfilled yet.

The common people… and the political leaders, which are like the priests, and pharisees of the old ancient times… they are just loudmouths voicing their way. They are the fools, leading our nation… though some wise live among them, and lead too.

I’m venturing into judging them, which is not my job…
I’m just lowly crip, trying to survive this life… from all the half truths being lobbed at me, like a hand grenades, hoping I catch them, and blowing my hand off.
But I already lost my legs, and left in a despair, and I’ve learned my lesson, and I just avoid them now, and hope the spirit of God will protect me from further harm.

I breathe by faith, that’s all that we can do… is breathe, and think about life… freely think about life, and not be indoctrinated, like loading/installing a program on a PC, and being told what to think and see… but I’m a human creation by God, and I want to follow that path, with understanding as my logical steps down that paths of life.

So, I’m all for a free press, and NOT a fee press…
I can’t say that enough times. I’m not a broken vinyl record, but I feel like saying it over and over… cause that’s the truth, at least to me… you might disagree with me, but when you see it too, then I’ll be thankful, that I had a purpose in acting like a fool… cause I Am a fool, but with a slight taste of a wise thought, in there too.