Maze of Mazes… Mice on Earth

— Maze of Mazes … Mice on Earth —


miceThe deep thoughts that go through my brain late at night. The human population on earth is compared to rats or mice in a maze. We gain knowledge which makes us delusional, or superior to our brothers and sisters. That is the classical delusion of us all.

It’s like rats/mice running into the wall of the maze, thinking that it will move, if I run into it again.

We have the knowledge of faith delivered to us by Jesus…or God, if you so desire. The fact that faith was there before Jesus, he only shined the light on it, with his words.


A well lit maze is easy to get through, or a time consuming battle of wits.

We have a battle of wits everyday to understand the marvels and awesomeness that we witness. When we understand that it is our reward, the understanding.

It’s like a heavy weight that is lifted from your shoulders.


Confusion is like a heavy weight to carry. It makes us mad, cause it causes restrictions. Understanding is freedom, it is a sign of a healthy individual. Think back on your school days, when you were in class, and you couldn’t understand what your teacher was teaching.

Then you got a reason to understand. It was like a light went on over your head, and it lit up the surroundings of your confusions. You felt empowered with freedom of movement. That’s the enlightenment that I felt tonight.

It’s a deep thought, and more knowledge will come to you if you think about it more. Seek the great Spirit that encapsulates all of mankind from the beginning till the end times, and ask that spirit to reveal the truth.



It’s my bedtime, so I must sign off. The only conclusion I can come up with, is ZZZZZ…zzzzzzz…. and I hope to wake up better than today.