Killing Jesus infinitely

— Killing Jesus Infinitely —


The first five minutes of “Killing Jesus”  written by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which is expected to debut tomorrow, we killed him over 100 times in the movies, it’s like our obsession with watching snuff films over and over. We watch our sins murdering a sacred individual, over and over, again and again.



Another Authors account, of killing Jesus infinitely, distorting his messages, and the good news he had.

The fact that heaven is here with us now, and we continue to make it hell on earth.

With another drama about his death, every author is giving his own piece of his death, they pretty much say the same thing, but the subtle dramatic licensing is dissecting it like a frog in a biology science class. Taking it apart so much, so that the focus of the message is distorted by the drama, and the drama is all that’s left in the mind.

I may be conjecturing on the teachings effects, of the drama, but I see it as a money making plot, another version of Christ’s death.

They always come around Easter, but it’s always his death on the cross, and not his resurrection… the fact that they condemned him was all the movie was about, it took in the crucifixion and the whippings, like we enjoy witnessing the same thing since the beginning of time, like we would view a snuff film.



I can see why Muhammad started the Islamic faith, they saw Jesus as a prophet too, but not as God, where the Christian’s went astray listening to teachers that wanted the pharisee’s jobs.

They wanted to take their place besides the Christ. The Muslim’s don’t believe that Jesus was crucified, they saw it as a disgrace to God, they see Jesus as a prophet, but they see him as s regular man, and not deifying him as the Catholic churches did. They were going by hearsay 600 years after the fact, in fact all Christianity is hearsay… we except the facts as heard by the disciples, and then by the churches, that never agreed over the thousands of years, and the many reformations that never agreed again.

The classic telephone game where everybody sits in a circle, there should be twenty people to make this happen, cause there has been twenty centuries that have passed, and each person whispers once in the ear to the right, and that person whispers only once to the next person on the right, until it returns to the initiator. Guaranteed the thing that was said, never appeared as it was born, in fact it returns with a deformity.


When Rome converted to Christianity, and made it as the state religion after hundreds of years persecuting them.

There is an encyclopedia of info that is not true storytelling, that I’m uninformed to make the mistake at attempting it at all… but I went to college to gather as much info as I could on the religions of man, there is so much information in the world, and it’s a heavy burden to understand it.

The weight is unbearable for one man, that’s why there is so many specialists to make up the whole, we each have our own definition of God, cause God is different for everyone, it depends on what view we are looking at of God’s vastness, if God created the universe, then God is in every living thing in the universe.

Jesus was a normal man, that was wise beyond mankind’s understanding, as were all the other’s that followed his ways.

God was in Jesus, and all who follow him, cause Jesus was our way to God. The kingdom of God is in each of us.

Mainly that saying that you follow Christ, without the works of Jesus, is like saying I want to quit alcohol while buying a beer, or kissing a woman you lust, but saying to her you “love her”.

The thought is noble, but the works are not noble, so there is no nobility there.



This is a remake of the woman accused of adultery of “Killing Jesus” where Jesus doesn’t write in the dirt on the ground, and people believe this version of it, in fact, I think the apostle John took a prefabricated dramatic license with the story in the first place. The fact that all of us are imperfect and sin, in fact Jesus’ sinned with anger as he threw out the money changers from the temple.

Everyone who gets angry has sinned. Anger is one of the seven deadly sins.

Stoning people and not forgiving them is a sin in itself, it doesn’t solve anything. There is the education system that has been distorted to become an indoctrination system, which goes back to the wolves in sheep’s clothing mentioned in the sermon on the mount.

I’ve been taking apart this story in my mind under anger, so I’ve been sinning. All anger is a sin, it doesn’t matter whether your anger is for a good cause or not, if you can’t control your anger, it’s taking apart your health. It destroys your perceptions, your clarity and clouds your visions. Anger could be compared to the smog which effects your breathing.

I’ve gotten mad and angry many times in writing this, it drained me, but it freed me to say what I wanted to say. To set straight the disinfo about Jesus, the saying you’re a Christian cause you go to church, but on your way out of church you judge your fellow church goers. Church going is just a fellowship strengthening, but the prejudices that develop in your fellowship, is far from being Christian.

 “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”
Mahatma Gandhi


We all have our views of God, and they tend to be different, as the day is to night, but God inhabits them, both day and night. Easter is next weekend, it brought it to mind for me, the only thing is Easter was so much fun believing in all the candy that Easter rabbit brought, life was so much more simple when you’re a kid.

The politics, religions, vices and sex were so distant from me then, but I grew up with a good family with love.

Let’s stop killing Jesus, and glorify his ways, by loving each other we all our God’s children.

Share the Good News, that’s the meaning of the Gospels, the Greek for Good News, no more bloodshed of the terrorists that have perverted what Muhammad said, the blame get thrown back and forth between religions defining one God… Remember God is Spirit, try telling me what is Spirit, besides a ghost story to scare me.

The Spirit is always talking to me,  it’s a start,  but in no way enlightening, well sometimes it’s enlightening, I guess we’re all condemned for some bitch eating an apple to eternal confusion, but I beg to differ.

Eve wasn’t a bitch, she was deceived, like all of us are, by some snake or lizard, God cursed the snake to have his legs taken away, that’s why I judged him having legs.

It comes to the collective nature of God, where every translation is of God is referred as “US” like in the creation story, it referred to God as “us”, so too in the expulsion out of the Garden.

Genesis 3:22
“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:”


Resistance is futile is echoing in my head right now, I think Star Trek the new generation is responsible for that echo, and the Borgs are the religions that try to interpret uninterpretable. I may be crossing into blasphemous territory, but I think not, it’s crossing into sacred territory that religions have imprisoned in chains on the wall.

The understandings are so simple and don’t deserve to be chained to a wall, with dogmas and traditions, that doesn’t spread enlightenment, it only spreads fear and resistance.


“This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.”  —  John 15:12

I’ll leave you with Jesus’ Words.