Silence, isn’t the Way to Peace, it’s the result of Peace.

We need to think of this

and digest that thought.

I just heard Senator Bernie Sanders in this video, and I hear God too, but God doesn’t tell me to kill anyone, much less the Palestinians.

I guess the truth takes time to become known, like it’s always darkest and cold before the dawn, then when the Sun comes up on the horizon, it gets clearer and warmer.

It goes back to Jesus’ teachings in the reading of the bible’s new testament, with the Holy Comforter/Spirit, and realizing the lies, that form from your own counsel without the holy spirit, cause your ego/self, is loaded with assumptions and lies.

In the words of Jesus, before Jesus was crucified, he said this in Matthew 24:

Matthew 24:5 & 8
many will come in My name,
saying, ‘I am the Christ,’
and will deceive many…
All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

The things he was describing in that chapter of Matthew 24, is going on now.

Well, it has been going on throughout history, but at different levels, but now we see it first hand, and someone needs to be accountable for it, and not stay silent, especially the big egos, of the so called “Chosen” people.

We have religions being guided by our egos, instead of the true God, which is a spiritual entity inside of us, but part of us at the same time, like Jesus said God and he, are one, and cannot be bought and sold, cause of the vastness of God, there is no price, that you could fathom in your imaginations, to be a fair price… and God is not bought and sold, like a slave.

We are God’s children, but we are spoiled children, and bickering with our relatives over their political views/ideologies, and religious dogmas and traditions… to buy and sell God as an idol, or slave to their religions.

I guess that I need to say something, as my protest, in the unfairness of the world… but I choose to see the teachings of Jesus, and though it’s through third parties, I just wish it was by the true Spirit of God, but it’s in the religion’s hands and distorts the messages.

And it has been in the first year, before I got a bible to read, and it was only a confirmation of everything, that the Spirit of God taught me about the human race, before in the previous year.

I went mad the first few decades, but I began to realize the trueness of God, and taking the chains that God used to walk me. I go back to my walking the dog, along the tracks in Brooklyn every night, but I needed to be in control, or it would bark and bite someone else.

It took a couple of decades, to realize that my house needed to be cleaned first, before I judged the spec in the eyes of others, I had to get rid of the trees growing in my own eye… Jesus said it :

Matthew 7:3
“And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye,
but do not consider the plank in your own eye?

It’s debating over things with the devil, which is a waste of time. Cause you can’t prove anything to the devil, cause all he has, is money signs in his eyes, and can’t be bought and sold like a slave, something he has done, since the beginning of time… and he knows his judgment is near.

I guess, I talked about my feelings enough for now… I just wanted to say my feelings is to side with Palestinians, and not Hamas, cause they side with Palestinians too, but not on my side with the Palestinians… my side is filled with mercy, love, and truth, and their side is filled with violence and vengeance, against the occupiers.

Who hide in their shell, behind their occupying wall, but they’re just victims too, and they don’t know what they’re doing… and reacting as nerves do, in their reflexive actions. They are just nodes along the chain of humanity, they react out of impulse, or reflexive actions.

It’s subconscious reactions… much like your reactions… it’s not voluntary, and consciousness reacting, but subconsciousness reflexive reactions, it took me over 2 decades, before I could understand it, with God as my teacher, which we have a love and hate relationship.

I Love God with all my heart and soul, and I also Hate God, with my ignorance of God’s graces… but we are friends most of all.

I can’t stay hating God, cause God’s my dearest friend… love has a way, of overcoming even the proud and stubborn, and eventually loving again.

I’ll leave it at that.