The Story of War

— The Story of War —


The story of war, was thought of before mankind was ever present on this world.

It was a dark day, when they thought up the theory of conflict, and how to enact it. It had many aspects including deceptions, which gave its momentum to spread throughout the world. Where gossip and rumors spread the fears of an outright blatant lie, which refused to die. Unless it met the truth, and would quickly dive into the bushes out of the light, and hide in the shadows.

All the damage they done in the lies, left a mess that was impossible to clean up. They lied about another nation, and that picture of a nation was hard to erase the fears. Which kept the danger of more wars in play.

It’s deceptions at the forefront of wars, and the horrors quickly follow.

When Daesh conquered through deceptions, and the horrors quickly followed, with decapitations and mass killings, while they called “God is Great“, as if it pleased God.

I know I was not pleased by it, and I’m definitely part of God, and that was so alienated from God. It was more like striking God and hurting God, if it could be done.

I saw this in my feed this morning it was Jason Silva’s Shots of Awe video of creativity, where he talks of creativity being a form of domesticated madness, at least that’s what quote he used to introduce this piece.


“Creativity is domesticated madness.” – Anonymous



I feel the Daesh is like a dark madness, and they want to fill up the world with their dark dictations of madness, claiming to glorify the light of God, but spreading the darkness of the devil in the details of lies about the light. Jesus spoke of these fools.

 “Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.”  – Matthew 15:8


I’m creative I like to think, I have my own domesticated madness going on in this soul, but I’m sincere to the point of my own destruction, which I’m healthily proud of.

I’m going off on a tangent which is taking me away from the story of wars, I’m fighting a war within myself with my own ego as the battlefield which I fight on, and killing many demons and align myself to the angels that believe the way I do. God is the rewarder of all, I feel like Job talking with God and the devil testing him.


The battles are tested by the devil daily, he’s known as the tester of mankind. He’s behind all the trials, he’s the doubter of mankind’s hopefulness, he kills hope everyday. That’s the dead that litter the battlefields in everyone’s soul, a lot of dead and dying wounded hopes. The devil is the sniper in the trees zeroing in on our hopes and dreams.

If they serve his purpose, then he lets you live… isn’t that a good leader? NOT!

I’m a rebel when it comes to the devil’s leadership, I’m more of revolutionary, which is part of the agenda of the devil, and the rights and wrongs are always changing, so you never have a clear boundary to notice. Are you doing right or wrong?

I would like to be always right, but that’s not the case. I’m a sinner, as all who live on this planet are. It’s in forgiveness that we transcend that sinfulness, and progress towards that holiness. Where true peace exists.

No more wars and killing, a superior way to live. Wars to defend ourselves would be justified, but wars to bring peace is a farce at an astronomical confidence trick against mankind. It’s the biggest con brought to mankind.

The day that trick lays dying and wounded, I’ll know my mission is fulfilled. My mercy will not be killing the trick, but letting him live and hope for enlightening him to his own sins, cause that’s the road to true peace. Repentance is the road to true peace.

True peace to mankind, not the false prophets of peace that raise their weapons for new fights…