Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices

Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it.

It was given to you by the grace of God.

I was reluctant at first to receive the grace of God, but the more I sifted through the knowledge of God in this world, the more I changed my perspective of God.

I’m a follower of Jesus, and the suffering he went through, wasn’t to pay for our sins, but our ignorances instead.

I was the hardcore religious fanatic in the beginning, at the last part of the 1977-1980, then I sought out the truth. It was like being born again, reliving my childhood.

I returned to drugs and sought to satisfy myself, but I grew more depressed. So I set west to Wyoming, and spoke to God in my drive. God is kind when you seek God first and foremost.

I received my first lesson in my education. The point of that lesson is to seek God first, all the other things are a part of this world, and is in the devil’s hands.

God is inside of you first, and is the reason you breathe, and have your heart pumping.


Jesus was the Light that Shines and Reveals


enlightenmentMankind makes the barbed wire to fence off the knowledge that’s forbidden, like the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. The only thing now, it’s the devil forbidding the fruit.

You have to pay for the way to the fruit… through taxes or some other scam, which the devil sets up,  that sits on the throne of this world.

I use the metaphors, that the religions used for several thousands of  years. I’m getting closer to the facts that you will understand. It’s a greeting for the religious Christians, since I’m a Christian first.


God is referred to as a collective in every translation, even in the original Hebrew text of Moses, and is referred to in the first several chapters of Genesis:

Genesis 1:26
“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.’”


After we ate the fruit of knowledge then God referred to himself as a collective again in

Genesis 3:22:
“And the LORD God said, ‘The man has now become like one of us.’”


The first couple of years, I was selectively ignorant, but that never was wiped from my mind. Now, it’s an impression of the truth, that will take a jack hammer to remove, by that time, I will be dead from all the jack hammering of my body.

God lives in you, and you have to accept God as your father… with Jesus and the Holy Spirit as your guides. There are many deceptions in the world, and the devil is behind the voices that will lead you astray. Religions are the biggest culprit that lead you astray, but they’re not your enemy.

You have to come to God as a child first, and you’ll be enlightened with the truth, which will change your perspective of God. Then you’ll grow wise, but never give in to pride and be a proud fool. I became one many times, and was blind to the truth.

Be humble first… Jesus was not proud. He was willing to die to get his message across to the world.

“Might does not make right! Right makes right!
T.H. White, The Once and Future King


Modern Marketing the new Thorn in my Side

I was once free to be me, but I was never to be happy, only free.

Today’s marketing techniques are always forwarding the marks of capitalism.  Enslaving the mass majority to the almighty dollar, or whatever you call money.

It’s true you need money to exchange for trade, as a form of exchange, but it never should be the focus of the cost. Corruption thrives in that environment.


Communism is the other side of that coin, that power corrupts, much like the penny tarnishes. It makes the impressions hard to read.

Socialism is the part of communism that capitalism accepts, it’s when it takes the political form, is when the distortions abound. Thus creating the Social Security system, because it’s a capitalism creation, it must be good.

It’s the first blind step towards pride, and they’re led with more steps with prideful blinders on. They’re programmed with more steps to not look at the milestones along the road. The prideful blinders, that they wear is doing their job.

It was designed that way by the devil. He was the old testament God, in my opinion. He was cast down to Earth in this world, and took the throne of this world. Politics is that throne, that the devil sits on and rules.

Sometimes dictatorial, sometimes imperialistic,  sometimes neutral, and sometimes loud and aggressive, but always ruling with the law and fear. Jesus came and preached a new way that was ruled by truth and love, but the devil killed him with lies.


What is in the Heavens?

Heavenly Govt


I suspect the Government is in the heavens too.

I may sound as an ignorant fool, but I want this confusion to be confronted at last… and pull the curtains back to reveal the horrible Wizard of Oz trying to instill fear, and is nothing, but an old man living in the fear of being wrong.

Love and truth is the way.  Mercy, and  NOT self-righteous merciless judgment is the way to truth and freedom.


Sharia law and Mosaic Law is the way of fears, it’s true they’re guiding stones along the road, but they’re just lines painted on the road used to guide us. Otherwise, we would crash into each other.

Jesus was more into communing with God, as the way. You make the law as a second nature within yourself.

I lived with the spirit for about a year or more, before I read the bible, and living with the spirit, I learned everything in the Bible. I found myself saying “You taught me that before”.

It was only confirming all that I learned with the Holy Spirit.

Since my birth was truly spiritual, and the scriptures came second, and only confirmed all that was said to me in the spirit.


You might not hear God, or you might not believe yet.

God talks by faith in what you believe. God is merciful, but God is also a disciplinarian, much like a parent. So there is a little fear required out of respect for your parents.

But not the tyrannical fear in the Old Testament, cause it’s like the Koran. God is merciful first, as a loving parent. It’s true, you can piss God off, but why would you want to do that.

You can reason with God, as a way to reveal what you see as wrong. It’s been going on for thousands of years, if not millions of years.

Don’t be arrogant when you talk to God, otherwise you might be surprised on what you get. It will be out of love, but love is as dangerous as death itself.

I better stop cause my mind is going off on tangents, that will lose us both, but you can still see the road you were on… and hopefully I enlightened your surroundings, so you can see more, and make a more informed decision.