Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross

— Sometimes, The World is Heavy like a Cross —





The world must be regulated and controlled. In order to organize it, and it, to be understood.

Like Atlas beared the world on his shoulders, the world is so heavy like a cross. That Jesus carried for the populations as an example. The example, we must sacrifice, if the world is to become a better place.

Corruptions are the pounds that we carry, and the world grows fat and lazy. The govts, I’ve compared to Jabba the Hutt as nothing more than a big fat dictator taking away our freedoms. I still believe that, but in a way even more deeper.




My Votes

I voted and returned my absentee ballot today. I voted for Gary Johnson.

Some say I wasted a vote, but I tend to think not. I voted my conscience. What I thought was right.

Gary Johnson wasn’t my first choice, but my first choice is impossible. My first choice is the example, that all men should work together for the same goals… a better world. Much like Jesus, believed. He served the truth first, no matter what you believed of him.

I see him as an example that I should follow. That’s why I’m depressed all the time. You believe in a Jesus, that in my eyes is wears a crown of lies, and corruptions with the Santa like lies for the corporations’ powers and profits. They equate Santa and Christ, like a neutralizing agent, like baking soda is to acid. It makes the Christ’s story ineffective, instead of a powerful story.

It neutralizes the effect.


The candidates today are throwing insults, rather than revealing what they will do.

I fell for that with Obama. He threw the money at the VA and made it worse, and imposed his forced healthcare on the public. His intentions might’ve been good, but you know what they say of good intentions? They are the bricks that pave the roadway to hell.

This world is difficult to assess, much less for one man to lead or rule. Either a dictator or a puppet, that’s the way I assess these elections around the globe.


The Conclusion of this Election Process

It’s over for me, until next year when it begins again, but then it’s local, and not federal. The pressures are a lot lighter on this soul.

I have a difficulty with the attacks on the web going on at the same time as the elections, I can’t get into no more, and the hosting company is extremely not helpful. I’m not any good on the phone either.

So I guess I’m in a catch22 situation, dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.

That’s the elections for me too, dammed if you vote, and dammed if you don’t vote. It’s a session of forced depressions. I enjoyed it more, when I didn’t vote.


 “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.” 
— Thomas Gray’s poem, “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College” (1742)