Cody Jinks – I Cast No Stones.

I Am Not Your Judge.

It’s like I wrote this song… cause it’s the way I feel too.

There is always someone on their soapbox yelling for a cause, which I do sometimes too. It’s usually when I’m forced to, by some ethical questioning, and I have to have an answer for it.

I can reason at will, but I’d much rather, be silent and alone… which is a heavy principle to carry. Like Jesus had to carry the cross, I know the Muslims don’t believe in that, but they honor him as a prophet, not as the Son of God, and all the Abrahamic religions say that we are all the sons of the most high.

Psalm 82:6
“I said, “You are gods”,
And all of you are children of the Most High.”

That’s my mindset, as it was Jesus’ too, and we should follow that light, and not judge others, but not scared to tell the truth, and shine the light on the subject at hand.

Jesus was a liar, when he said follow me, cause my burden is light… cause it caused me so much pain. It would be light, if I was masochist.

It was Easter today, when I woke up, it seems Good Friday without a thought from me… but when I woke up today, it was in my mind, that it was Easter… I was being resurrected from my sleep… it was being resurrected to same misconstrued world, where everyone is talking, and no one is understanding each other.

Which makes it a hell to me, I see life differently than you do… and I don’t know how to articulate that to you, so we all understand it… it must be God’s design.

God to me is a collective, of everyone alive and dead all over the universe, not just on here on Earth… It was written in the first chapter of Genesis when he created mankind/humanity.

Genesis 1:26
“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…”

It’s that way in the ancient Torah too, but they explain it off with their lies…  that was before Jesus came, and told us the truth about God.

Then God became a tyrant, cause of our limited mindset, and God promised a new covenant, and Jesus came to us, and the Jews of old times rejected him… the politicians/religious leaders over 2000 years ago rejected him and framed him.

I can’t say what happened, even though I was raised in a Catholic School, and was indoctrinated into what they taught me, on what happened. I was a wayward son .

To get back to my narcissistic self, and trying tell my story to finding God, and after my accident and being confined to a wheelchair at 19 years old, I was thankful for it… cause it was a sign from God, cause I was talking to him high on PCP… cause God was a him, back then in my teens… and I learned more about God, over the years, since then.

But that was over 47 years ago, and I promised him, that I would follow him… and I went to every Christian Church, and most of them were corrupt with distorted messages, instead of the simple ones, that you had to experience to understand them.

I saw Jehovah’s Witnesses, Methodists, Mormons, etc. … and they had their own mindset, and seemed happy with that, so I didn’t judge them… cause Jesus warned me, that it would trap me in debates, and I love a good debate, but most of them are a waste of time… even the good ones.

When you win a debate, it’s like a good toke on the pipe… you feel rewarded after it with a relaxing feeling, or a drink of alcohol gives you a relaxing feeling too… but it’s an addicting feeling, and I learned that from my biological Dad, cause he was a Detective in my younger years. He put in 21 years as a NYC detective, before he retired, and moved upstate, and started a Hardware Store.

That was the time of Happy Days on TV, and I felt like Richie Cunningham… but then I ran away, cause I didn’t like that life, and eventually I joined the USAF… and made a mess of my life totally.

But my talks with my Dad, made me reflect on drinking, and I saw his anger with the drunks in my neighborhood in Brooklyn… gin was the big drink back in the 60’s.

He made the reference to Gin as a drug, and then gambling as an addiction too… and then I ran with that frame of mind, and I came to the conclusion that everything was a drug… religions, ideologies, political parties, etc., cause they’re all addicting, if you get too reliable on them.

They are a form of communicating to someone, with words as your medium, and even that can get addicting, when your riding high on the waves of communications, and wipeout too leaving you disheveled… without harm… and you need to swim to shore, and stand on solid ground to recover.

Surfing the internet is a drug too… and the more you stay on the internet… the more you get addicted to it.

There that’s my take on Easter Sunday today… hopefully you found it helpful… cause I’m a retard in my own mind, but I have something to say… about my last 47 years with God… the true God to me.
He’s not in the religions or scriptures, but “God is Spirit”… that’s the last scripture I’ll use… but with world full free freaks, I can’t promise that.

Well, I’ve worn myself out for this evening…