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Tit 4 Tat WARS

  Wars Need to STOP! Egos rule our minds and actions in the world, and it is the avenue, towards our feelings and pain, sometimes excruciating pain, making you react with vengeful feelings… like a reflexive reaction. Tit for Tat, and a punch for punch… it never solved anything in your mind or heart… it …

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I Won’t Be Programmed.

The Casino Games In Life, War and Destruction. “… The reconstruction of Gaza, And put real money into the game…” — Matthew Miller I won’t be programmed is a reference to Siteground’s or some other hacker censoring of my words, there’s an astronomical number of variable for the causes, but I had to change the …

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Words are Eaten, and Go into the Digestion Cycle

With Thoughts, We Digest the Words, into Poops Again. It’s a neverending cycle, we eat BS, and think about it, and then BS to others… it’s been going on like that, since time began. Words = Poops I guess I can theorize on that thought, until my time runs out, and I fall asleep/passageways/expire, and …

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The Right of Return, No Matter What Race

Israelis or Palestinians It doesn’t matter what race you are, you want to return where your ancestors were living for centuries, even millennia, without deeds, you’re shit outta luck, pertaining to the legalities of ownership. We have Israelis and Palestinians battling over the same land, with terrorism on both sides of the conflict. I woke …

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Looking Back is the Road to Repentance

  The Pasts of our Lives is where Repentance Alley lives. We regret making certain choices, and we need to look back, to map out our mistakes to make successful choices in the future… but be aware of your ego, which is our connection to God, the divine, and all the evil lives there too. …

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Trees – We Are Free – 1984

Trees – We Are Free – 1984   I went by the band name Trees in 1984, before I switched to the name  Rain, when I moved back to New York to start the Recording Studio. I was a rookie, and on the cutting edge… which was a mistake. I did everything in this song… …

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NVIDIA Shield is Like The Red Shield

nvidia shield

  The NVIDIA Shield is the most disappointing buy… it’s done the way that Google wants it. We all know that Google has a hard time answering questions… maybe they’ll get back to you, maybe they won’t. I’m guessing they’ll pick the latter. I’ve had a full day getting acquainted with NVIDIA Shield, and say …

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Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing

— Social Madness of Everyone Disagreeing  —   The social madness of everyone disagreeing and judging everyone, is making the political world a mess. People like Trump doesn’t make sense of the world with their overbearing egos. He manages to turn the subject into self made boasting. It’s been over a year, and he’s never …

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AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —   I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that …

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Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling


— Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling For Victory —   Horses are compared to our egos, in our going through our global society. Ego’s start wars and seek to survive from ridicule’s torment. It’s our defenses from failure. I’ve been a failure all my life, so I recognize poor losers. They have made successes …

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Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things

— Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things — 11/01/2016 Mutating DNA is a cancer to the body. Why not the artists to the culture? The artists may be the tumors in a society. They try to be sweet like the fermenting sugars. That was proven to be all tumors in 1931 by Dr. Otto …

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Egos RIP in the Music Industry

— Egos RIP in the Music Industry — 09/26/2016 Going down for the last time in the sea of egos RIP, bobbing like apples in the bucket. I see a massive drowning from the proud apples stepping on the fame seekers. Also the record company execs, that live like parasites on the talented singers and …

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Musical Wars : Like the Real World Wars

— Musical Wars : Like the Real World Wars — I was right, they started blocking the youtube videos. A fuming deceptions of snarling dragons biting at everything that moves. To watch the videos of the Songs NEEDTOBREATHE – Money and Fame go here.   I picked a few good songs that are being hoarded …

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Darkside Details


— Darkside Details : Force has both forces darkness and light —   The darkside gives details of the borders, and points out the differences between the light and darkness. If everything was light, we all would be blind, and if everything was darkness, we all would be blind too. The mix between the two, …

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The Future of TV

future of tv

— The Future of TV : Youtube, Internet TV, ETC. — Sling TV Update: After spending a night on Sling and going through the on demand videos, I have a problem with it not remembering where you left off , with a resume play button. That’s the only thing missing. I’m sure there are more …

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Sound of Silence is Darkness

sound of silence

— Sound of Silence is Darkness in Complicity —   The sound of silence is more what the politicians need to do, instead of they’re sticking their feet in their mouths. In fact, sometimes multiple times. The egos battle daily between each other, when they’re totally ignorant with the swinging of the conjectural weapons. That …

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Egos : Doorways to the Spiritual

— Egos : Doorways to the Spiritual Side — Andra Day – “Rise Up” (Live at WFUV)   I was laying in bed all day meditating, and I was wrestling with my ego, and had realization that the egos were a doorway to my spiritual side. The spiritual side of mankind, it’s connected to it …

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Let The Mystery Be

— Let The Mystery Be : Iris DeMent— Iris DeMent – Let the Mystery Be…  lyrics     I never heard of this song before, and it touched upon what I’ve been troubled by all my life, I should just let the mystery be whatever, it wants to be, if I can explain it to …

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Everything’s a Drug : Ideologies, politics, egos, etc.


— Everything’s a Drug —   From Politics, religions, pleasures, sex and just about everything is a drug, causing you a high or a low, and when you’re high you could see hallucinations, and when you’re low you could get depressed and drink alcohol, which is a drug too. Everything that we partake of is …

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