Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling

— Dark Horses and Light Horses, Battling For Victory —


horsesHorses are compared to our egos, in our going through our global society.

Ego’s start wars and seek to survive from ridicule’s torment. It’s our defenses from failure. I’ve been a failure all my life, so I recognize poor losers. They have made successes all their lives, it crushes them, and they become sore losers.

They become dark horses, and they wish everyone hurt for their disappointment.

Failures become winners in their empathy, they seek understanding over satisfaction in a quick fix.

They become leaders and winners.


I‘m paraphrasing,  a person that works hard at what they don’t love is stressful, a person who works hard at what they love is passionate.

I read that from an inspirational book that tries to instill teamwork in us. I’ve thought about that all day, I want to work on music, but I’m left to write this blog. To bring clearer picture of the dark horses and the light horses of the egos comparisons.


The dark horses are the confusing influences in our understandings, those egos bring pain and suffering for their own gains, but they instill searching for the good. So they have a purpose that is good, in an indirect way.

The light horses are spreading understanding through education, and furthering global understanding, but they’re in danger of being infected with the darkside. Most times they’re ignorant of it, and pride keeps them blind.


The many Shades of Grey or Colors

The many shades of egos of this world give a diversity of beauty to the global makeup. There are many shades of grey and colors in the egos of this world.

They are like the horses that we ride through this life. I like to separate them from my soul, cause they hurt when you lose or fail. I feel unaffected when I separate them from my fate, and when I fail, in a way I win.

I might be totally wrong, but I save my self esteem. So I don’t hate myself for the hurt that I feel. I cherish love, and not hate. Blame cherishes hate. When I blame everyone else, hate sits on my soul’s throne. Like an angry king chopping everyone’s heads off. I’m stressful during those hurtful moments.

I need silence, so I can get back to what’s good in my life.


I‘m grateful for all that’s good in my life. There are many things that are not good, mainly health problems and mental problems. With controlling my anger rages, but I hold on to hope, that there will be a delivery of salvation from the problems of this world.

I can hope, it seems I’ve been doing it in vain all my life, but I don’t give up easily. I’ll probably hold on to that hope till I die.

I guess I’m lazy. I could seek making lots of money, but I think that’s multiple times worse than living life comfortably now. I see people’s lives that are worse than mine. I wonder if it’s their own fault, or just got dealt a very bad hand in the game of life.

I was blessed with good parents, and they showed me fiscal responsibility, but their obsession with the fiscal responsibility was at the expense of others at times. I had a problem with that, but I saw the logic in giving money will do no good, when there is no appreciation. They just will ask you again, when their pockets are hungry.


The Light Horses Egos

I‘m on the side of light horses. I think of myself as a palomino with an empathetic nature. I seek to enlighten, rather than confuse. Though I like the black beauties of this world, but they aren’t empathetic to others feelings, but I don’t know. I’m assuming.

The danger of assuming is the danger of errors, you might be wrong, cause you don’t have all the facts.

It’s easy when you imagine you’re incapable of wrong, but when you’re wrong, the graceful umbrella is taken away, and you get drenched in shameful wrongs. The light horse egos take that into account, and make provisions for it. They take their time in retaliation, and seek what’s right in gathering all the facts.

Understanding is their fuel that they eat. They seek understanding above all else. Understanding and truth. Truth is always understandable, it may hurt at times, but understanding is healing and gentle. It may be pissing you off at times, but as time passes you’ll feel better.

The light horses egos possess a little dark side, so that they can communicate understanding to the dark horse egos. They have to know what the darkside feels, if they’re to relate. The dark horse egos eat a diet of weeds and lies, but they’re happy with that. You can’t convince them that they’re wrong, so why try. They’re thankful for the understanding, that is the way to teach them good habits…diets.


The Dark Horses Egos

The dark horses diets are filled with weeds and lies. Which makes them ignorant and confused, and grateful for every understanding of the truth. Their diet has always been confusion, and understanding is major work. The weeds and lies are always easier. The truth is hard to find.

It seems like telling a lie is easier, rather than telling the truth. I’ve been known to lie, because the truth was rude and hurtful. I’m all for the truth, or silence, if it means an argument.

That’s my little darkside.

I can understand the need of the darkside to spread it’s limited understandings of the truths, but I’m willing to try to enlighten. Sometimes it falls on deaf ears, but there is always hope for understandings to be made manifest in the individual.

What we eat, we are. The weeds that we eat, supply the nutrition that we need, but understandings of the truth is healthy to say the least. One day there will be fields of healthy understandings of the truths, that we’ll graze in.

The dark horse egos are blessed for their gratefulnesses, and cursed for their ignorances.  So, that’s the goodness in the egos of the dark horses, their appreciation.


The Scriptures speaking of the Apocalyptic 4 Horses

The 4 horsemen of Revelations 6, is different from Revelations 19 depicting Christ on a white horse wearing many crowns. In Revelations 6 the first white horse rider was given only one crown. So they’re different.

I guess they’re the egos or mindsets of the individuals. We are all imperfect, and have the nature of sin in everyone of us. It reflects in everyone of us.

The only thing is do we feed the nature of sin, or holiness. The road to God is on the path of holiness, which is a long narrow road. It’s narrowness is not restricting, and doesn’t claim your freedoms. If you do wander, you need to repent, and get back on track with the holy spirit.

God is not a tyrant, as Satan would have you believe in the old testament. God is full of mercy and forgiveness, but don’t try God. Be true in your addressing of God. God does not like being lied to.

I believe in God, but not the God that you understand. God is spirit to me, and I see spirit in all people. So I’m not a terrorist, and in no way will I strike at another’s life. God created them, so God will take their lives.

I’m just left with understanding, what is “spirit”?

I’m guessing here, since God breathed into us, and we became a living soul, I think it’s the breath. It’s our lifeforce. The force is with us, and all that.

I became a cripple when the first Star Wars came out, and was left understanding what the Force was, and how it related to God. I still don’t understand everything about it, but I like to think I’m closer to understanding it, than everyone else. I’m probably wrong, but that’s the horse I ride.

Enjoy you ride!