The Right of Return, No Matter What Race


The combining of Flags

Egos created this Flag,
I have many Egos in my Brain and Spirit

It doesn’t matter what race you are, you want to return where your ancestors were living for centuries, even millennia, without deeds, you’re shit outta luck, pertaining to the legalities of ownership.

We have Israelis and Palestinians battling over the same land, with terrorism on both sides of the conflict.

I woke this morning, and the right of return was on my mind, but the two sides have been battling over the same land for millenniums and beyond that for eternity. I’m not sure, I don’t have the gift of time travel, to find that out.

Another Brick in the Wall is the song by Pink Floyd, that describes this dilemma, and inspired my creation of this flag. We are destined by what knowledge, we accept as our source… it’s our dilemma of humankind.

These are the problems I see, and are controlled by… it’s my own personal dilemma.

Dilemma (Noun)
1. State of uncertainty or perplexity,
especially as requiring a choice between
equally unfavorable options

I wish I had the answers to all of the world’s problems, but I know once I solve them, we’ll create more dilemmas to solve. It’s a neverending job to maintain the world, and all of it’s problems… I hear it’s legions of angels and devils jobs, but I don’t know the number of legions, or even what a legion is, and what it contains.

I think I want to let go of this dilemma, and let scriptures play out the way that God designed… cause God to me is collective of all life and dead together, in a wound up like a yarn ball, in a metamorphic sense, that would explain my God, that I derived from the Roman Catholic Bible, and God’s Spirit… Jesus said the Holy Comforter/Spirit would teach you of ALL things.

And now I’m explaining of God, as a simple Old Lady knitting our blankets, to keep us warm in the turbulent winds and storms of this world… it’s my own personal dilemma of my Nan knitting my blankets. She was religious in her own way, with God in Spirit… we all have our own ways to deal with God, my other Grandma on my Dad’s side, was a churchgoer… but she needed to go to church to connect to God, spiritually, and at home too.

We all have the power through Faith to connect to God, but our definitions of God are all different, like the many languages that were formed in our times here on Earth. It’s so complicated of a world, that you could grow mad from trying to understand it.

“we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”  Lewis Carroll

Languages and Religions are the same things, or could be comparable to the same things, that we the humankind have to deal with in our individual ways.  It’s a complicated world to sort, and make sense of, or we are driven mad, in our trying to make sense out of it.

This is my experience with trying to make sense out of it, so I know how Jesus felt, it’s a dilemma, and he surrendered it all to God, which is what I am trying to do now, and be done with it.

I’ll still breathe, and be a part of God, only an individual microscopic piece of God, but God all the same.
The dilemma is people think that, they’re God in the whole, and not a small piece… like our leaders/politicians they get infected by the virus of power.

Along with many unnamed viruses… there’s too many to list.

I guess I’ll end it, with leaving you my dilemma to solve, or to bury it in the trash receptacle in your mind, it’s out of my mind’s trash receptacle… and I littered your minds with garbage.

It’s something to think about or throw out… It can drive you mad, if you hold on to it… it’s driving me mad, the longer I hold it in my solitude.