Musical Wars : Like the Real World Wars

— Musical Wars : Like the Real World Wars —

I was right, they started blocking the youtube videos. A fuming deceptions of snarling dragons biting at everything that moves. To watch the videos of the Songs NEEDTOBREATHE – Money and Fame go here.


I picked a few good songs that are being hoarded by WMG,UMG, and SME… EMI maybe a subsidiary of the other 3 groups. I’ve been carrying them on my back, and they give me tools to share my music. I’m grateful for those tools, but I’m not grateful for the condemnations, and the contractual devices, and the fees they setup to tie the artists, and musicians to sign their rights away.

I learned this week that Paul McCartney didn’t own the rights to the original Beatles songs.


Here is another link to another Song by NEEDTOBREATHE – Happiness


Who owns the music, it’s noise, sometimes excruciating noise, or relaxing mellow noise, but noise all the same in these so called musical wars.

The day they learned they can sell it, we lost all the therapeutic properties of music, and it became a commodity, rather than the beneficial and all the other therapeutic aspects of music.

Music died on that day, when we learned it can be bought and sold.


It used it as a propaganda tool with these musical wars to further a cause, and a marching piece to further a political point.

We used to use marching chants to make the marches from the barracks to chow halls to go faster. We were too busy trying to keep time to the left, right footsteps to the chow hall, and then back, to notice the time it took to march there.

It was a great time waster for sure, but it made you feeling like you were accomplishing something. I don’t know what that was, but it made an attempt at it.

It was trying to instill discipline, and break through my stubborn armor of pride, but it only cracked my armor of pride and made me mad.

I’m not trying to spread my pride, which is dangerous and detrimental to the soul, to say the least, but I want to empower that pride to protect the soul, because that’s what it was designed for.

Pride is good in little chunks to feed you, and to motivate your soul, it is a detrimental tool, if you let it grow, and take over your garden.

In small chunks it’s beneficial to the soul, but a cross on your back, if it’s growing out of control.


I just would like to empower all musicians to question the label’s power. They have too much power already, and influence the youtube’s of the world with money to buy more power. They bought all the power there is to get already, there is no more power, as long as they deny it to others.

Put a clause in the contract, that they could share it without impunity. They wrote it and should be free to play it anywhere, without any penalties. You know the A&R people will try to talk you out of it saying the profits will suffer, as they continue to make you go into more debt… it’s their profits that will suffer, but they will try to convince you that your profits will suffer.

Who owns the music?

The frequencies in the universe, and the sounds of this world are free and always will be free. It doesn’t justify the delusional nature of ownership/copyright, they’re just delusions.

It seems they’ve gone crazy, with the ownership craze of making everything we see, as an obsession with the power of ownership. They make you want to hide your creations, because the Music Monsters/labels will gobble it up.


I had a hard time finding this song NEEDTOBREATHE – Washed By The Water. When I first found the song,  I fell in love with it about 4 years ago, but I found it locked up in a prison cell designed by the Warner Music Group.


There is talk over the last few years of the power that the labels have by certain artists bringing to the forefront in a rational matter, and not a conspiratorial matter.

This video talks of the certain practices by the label industries to keep their money and adding fees that were obliterated by the digital deliveries. The cutting of overhead costs from producing hard copies, though they still charge those fees.


Artifact is the piece of this video that costs $1.99 to view. I’m sure there is a free view of this, but the sites out there is questionable to say the least.

It seemed to be an ego trips for Jared Leto and his brother Shannon Leto. They pointed out a lot of things they had to deal with the musical wars within the industry, so it gives you at least an insight to the darkside of music labels. I watched a free version of it last night, but took the link away, cause it turned into a questionable site, when I didn’t want to join the site. I got a lot of warnings from my security software. No need to start video wars…this is just musical wars.


Once we take the power away from the labels, we need to take the power away from of our egos. To fight the ego’s greed of the labels, and feed our prideful egos, is like kissing your own ass. It doesn’t serve any purpose, it’s like Trump talking to mirrors.

The ego gets bigger, and feeds the pride, and the pride armors the egos, it’s like a small circle of friends supporting each other. The keyword there, is circle.

We go round and round till we get dizzy and fall down… I remember a child’s game called ring around a rosie.

We need to let go of the childish things, and reach for the mature things before they rot. The music industry is rotting before our eyes, and the internet set the rot in the power structures, and the greed started screaming for more money.


The digital revolutions is taking over the world, and bringing new toys to the scene… to amaze you and others. They are distractions to the real news of what’s going on. It may sound conspiratorial, but it’s going on. Distractions try take the center stage from the real news, which is going on in the shadows of human kind.

It’s usually the egos of reality shows, which is far from reality… the ego is the main distraction in news stories.

I don’t condone the killing of the egos, cause it’s your whole motivation/force, and you’d be dead, if you did.

I find joy in your living, and taming your ego like a horse that you ride, like I had to tame my ego from the Quick Draw McGraw’s El Kabong days of my youth. I was so marveled by the acoustic guitar, that I chose to bop everybody’s head with guitar, instead of learning how to play it,… the curse of my own ego trip.

I just learned basic chords. Where I could make up words to make a song, and that didn’t serve me well.

So I would like to send this drip shot in to the musical wars arena, to feed my ego at least. Then hopefully I’ll find peace in my final days of battling the music industry with their musical wars and unfairness.




Music is a drug
Like your money and your toys
Like your fast cars and your night out with the boys
It all effects your brain, and seeps in through the cracks
Into who you really are
Drip Drip it goes
Are you thirsty, can you see?
Drip Drip it goes
What you seek carries life to freedom
But what you say is not what I see
Just a slave to the cause claiming to be free
Hoping for some answers to your revolution dream
Drip Drip it goes
Are you thirsty, can you see?
Drip Drip it goes
You know the truth will set you free
Windows to the soul only let you see out
Faith, Love, and Hope is what it’s all about
Reach out for hope, Love what you do
And let your faith be your reward
Drip Drip it goes
Are you thirsty, can you see?
Drip Drip it goes
Love will let it be


Thanks for the company on my Radical Journey through the battlefields of the musical wars… it’s been fun for me, cause I leave the battlefield now, but while I tried writing this, it was really painful.