The Future of TV

— The Future of TV : Youtube, Internet TV, ETC. —

Sling TV Update: After spending a night on Sling and going through the on demand videos, I have a problem with it not remembering where you left off , with a resume play button. That’s the only thing missing. I’m sure there are more things, but that one bugged me.

future of tv


I just subscribed to Sling TV, taking the basic, and Epix add on for $24.99 a month. It’s $19.99($20), and add-on $5 for the Epix (Hollywood Extras) totaling $25. With the bogus 1 cent off pricing, it seems impressive with the video on demand features.

I have the Channel Master DVR+, and they added the Sling TV to the channels with the recent update of the firmware.

You have to have internet access to access the Sling TV channel.

They offered 2 weeks free, so I get charged on the 24th of January. I think I will stick with it.

The future of TV is a shaky subject, it’s changing as we speak.


Then there is Youtube, it’s displaying the new generation of stars, a look of the big headed ego’s diseases. I’m not dissing them, but I was once one of them, before I woke up. In the future, I hope they wake up. This is the video by Forbes that I’ve seen posted on youtube’s feed. It’s the stars of Youtube:



I‘ve seen these stars, but it’s the basic character all the time. Which is what’s on all the channels on TV. If it’s a person, then it’s the ego who stars. Basically, you’ve seen one ego, you’ve seen them all.

Once they start the award’s shows, then the ego is out of control, and grows wild like weeds.

Youtube should be doing the award’s pretty soon.


The Future of TV is in streaming over the internet with apps like Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon FireTV, Etc.. It seems the apps are replacing the TV businesses, the satellite and cable companies.

Ego’s grow in businesses too. Narcissism is running rampant on the internet. Drama is out of control.

The future of TV on the scenes today, is one that I’ve never had imagined, and I am surprised by what it’s evolved to. God Help us!