Words are Eaten, and Go into the Digestion Cycle

With Thoughts, We Digest
the Words, into Poops Again.

It’s a neverending cycle, we eat BS, and think about it, and then BS to others… it’s been going on like that, since time began.

Words = Poops

I guess I can theorize on that thought, until my time runs out, and I fall asleep/passageways/expire, and it never solves anything, unless someone listens to it, and learns from it.

I woke today, and saw another flashing light about the EGO, it’s lumped together with our minds, but is separate from our brains, cause that is physical and material, but there is a connection with our minds… which is virtual, with our imaginations and egos.

It might be too deep for the common man to understand, and only the guppies that dream about it, in the shallow waters of life, but they’re waiting in silence, until it is their time it is, to go deeper… and it will happen, it’s inevitable.

We theorize, with thoughts in our digestion cycles, and we have to talk to poop it out. What we need to poop out, to feed the BS feedback belt, that goes into mass production with the media… newstations, music, art, science, blogwriting, etc. … it goes on into mass production… with eternal BS.

Like the digestion cycle of our bodies, you can become constipated by eating certain things, like puzzles are little bit constipating, and leaves you silent, while you’re trying to digest it.
Well, the imagery of that is painful to describe it, and articulate it, to make sense of it.

Well, this my theory of our lives, and the reasons of why we are here… to sit and feast on BS, with others in our social scenes, and our interactions with others.

I’ll leave it at that… cause my mind is like a feather in the wind, and the wind is blowing again.