Let The Mystery Be

— Let The Mystery Be : Iris DeMent—

Iris DeMent – Let the Mystery Be…  lyrics



I never heard of this song before, and it touched upon what I’ve been troubled by all my life, I should just let the mystery be whatever, it wants to be, if I can explain it to someone, then so be it.

I mean I’ve heard of the thought before, but not the melody…


I went to the doctor’s office today and my bones are healed; where I can take the brace off, and be gentle with it. Since I can’t walk, there won’t be any weight on it, to strain the healing.

It’s been 3 months with a brace/cast, and it’s been a weight and locking me at home, but now I’m on parole.

So to get back to society, just in time for Winter, and be easy on the leg… remember.

Just let the mystery, be the mystery… every religion is claiming they have the answer.


No one is divine… God speaks to everyone, there are a few that listen to God, but they are silent, and they speak when God calls them to speak, but once they open their mouths, their egos are always screwing up their rhythm, and trying to blow up their head like a balloon, and it eventually pops, cause ego tends to be self serving… Egocentric, where the world revolves around that one person, he/she shines like the sun, and we’re all the planets.

Which was like my ego popping, from my broken leg.

I was left wounded, and didn’t know what to do.


Now the constant popping of all the religious balloons around the world, from those who say they know. They are like an exhausting rocket balloon, where the you let the air out, and they blow around the room without direction, and exhaust their form to be without air/life, much like a suicide bomber.

Daesh, is bombarded by the all the murders they committed, thus they’re successful. They’re turning us into murderers. The murdering gets addicting, like a drug. Daesh is in denial, and all the constant bombing is like terrifying the world.

One common enemy unifies the world, or destroys it?

That is the question I’m left with, and I should just let the mystery be, it’s lighter on my back and shoulders.

If God reveals it to me, then I’ll speak and wrestle with my ego, just to say what needs to be said, and go my way into silence.  Egos are always trying for me to say more, than I know what to say, and eventually my ego’s blown up past capacity, and I’ll blow up again.

I don’t want to do that, again.