Looking Back is the Road to Repentance


The Pasts of our Lives is
where Repentance Alley lives.

We regret making certain choices, and we need to look back, to map out our mistakes to make successful choices in the future… but be aware of your ego, which is our connection to God, the divine, and all the evil lives there too.

Your ego is a loudspeaker for your beliefs, like the loudspeaker for the thoughts, that inhabit our minds, it announces to yourselves your beliefs, which can be delusional, or truths…

It’s where your dark thoughts live too, and fester, to feed your brighter thoughts, and you grow towards the sun… and roots grow deeper into darkness, to gather the nutrients that you need to grow above the surface towards the light of the sun.

Alter egos are a sign of growth, unless you’re delusional, and haven’t conquered that yet.
Alter egos needs to be intentional, or you are mentally ill, and delusional… it’s a fine line that marks it borders between mentally ill, delusional, etc., and a healthy well grown tree with deep roots.

A sickly tree doesn’t grow strong, and develops branches, that are inviting to birds, and other wildlife to make their nests, to reproduce.

My multiple ego personality disorders, was overcome by God, where the holy spirit, is where the demons and angels converse in debates within our thoughts, and hearing voices in your brains/minds… it’s easier to take a pill prescribed by the Big Pharma, but you’re under the control of the world, and not the universe in yourself.

It was the pills and chemicals side effects, that made my illness in the first place, and God healed me, with a lot of searching to tame my wildness, that stemmed from the side effects. Learning to master my alter egos, was dealing with a lot of failures with delusional thinking.

Alter egos are our spiritual connections too, to a different sides of yourself, you could call them personalities too, it seems the medical field calls it that… but it lives in your general ego spaces.

The ego is our connection to our spiritual side from the worldly side, and it is the mediator between the sides. I just started my education into the ego, though I’ve been mediating with it all my life, I’ve just learned about it from Psychiatrists and expert studies of it written by experts, but I think they’re wrong… cause egos are as endless, as the universe itself. 

It’s when you think you know all about it, it is when you’re wrong.
Everything is not the same all over the universe… there may be many instances of things occurring in one environment, that is impossible for another environment without modifications to be discovered.

One example, is Earth has an atmosphere, where it makes things grow, and the moon has no atmosphere and no gravity, where nothing grows, unless we build shelters on it, and grow stuff that we could eat, and sustain life.
But we have to engineer the data, that we learned on Earth, to accomplish that… meaning that we have discovered that too, and made modifications to that environment.

It doesn’t take much intelligence to figure that out, getting to the moon will require knowledge that I do not have yet… I don’t want to overload my brains circuitry yet, or I’ll go mad.

Trying to do everything at once with multitasking, was easy when I was younger, but confusing and harder, when you get older…

Unless you are willing to learn with more habitual learning, but age has a way of making the habitual learning method is getting harder and harder… it’s easier to learn multiple languages with your youthful minds, but it gets harder to learn them when you’re older.

I‘m about of out of words to make sense of what’s on my mind right now, presently, tomorrow there might be other things on my mind… that I need to tend to stay sane and resolved.

This following song is what inspired this writing… you can always think, while listening to it… using your ego communicating with your spiritual side, which is God, or the genius intelligence for the proud. It’s your choice.