AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical

— AfterLife – Immortality to be Skeptical About —


I watched this video by Big Think, where Michael Shermer is talking about being skeptical about reaching utopia, and saying dystopia is the ultimate result of utopia. Leaves me a little skeptical about the whole notion of reaching heaven at all. There were moments that he made sense, of creating heaven here on Earth, but made the skepticality his focal point, which defeats the purpose.

I’ll let you decide.



The point of all this hoo ha of immortality, is being done by all the big money peeps that run the corporations, and are under the delusions, that they run the world.  Which might be true in some sense of the world’s politics, but are delusional towards their egos. They will die too, but their seeking to live forever without changing themselves first, seems to be a mute point.

The suffering builds character, I can vouch for that.

It makes you change your point of view, for the better at times, and sometimes to your prideful detriment. You need to be humble and apologize for your words, or be seen as a fool.


I have been a fool more times than not, but that’s why I like being a hermit. I’m only social on FB and Youtube, but I go through anger rages on the internet dealing with the internet’s viruses. It seems that words and opinions are viruses to the mind.

There are digital viruses, and hackers that plant the viruses like ants farm with aphids…they like their sweet morning dew.

I have an anger management problem, people just piss me off… I hold my anger, and attack myself. A detriment to myself, but mercy to all.

It’s what I do, however delusional you think it is… it’s me.