Everything’s a Drug : Ideologies, politics, egos, etc.

— Everything’s a Drug —


addiction-550762_640From Politics, religions, pleasures, sex and just about everything is a drug, causing you a high or a low, and when you’re high you could see hallucinations, and when you’re low you could get depressed and drink alcohol, which is a drug too.

Everything that we partake of is a drug, it affects our lives in many ways. The thought of a high is where we feel good and think that we’re on top of the world, where we dream and sometimes those dreams give you hallucinations, so you have got to stay real, but dreams inspire to better yourselves, so dreaming is a drug too.

Inspirations could be a drug too, cause they raise aspirations in yourselves which gives you a higher view.



Egos is a Drug

Egos are what’s affected by those drugs, they could cause you to dream uncontrollably being flushed in toilet bowl of life, where you go spinning out of control from the high to the low. It’s called a crash. Every trial is a crash, every test is a crash, but you must overcome to survive the crash, and continue with your life.

I learned a new word today, it’s “ardent”, meaning passionate fervor, intense emotional… learning new vocabulary is a drug too, you gain new knowledge to dream some more. You get new highs, and new views.

I saw this morning Tesla is offering a way to get off the grid, I’m wondering how long do those batteries last. Lithium is found in Afghanistan, I think that it’s rare Earth element, Oh I found out from Wikipedia that lithium is in trace amounts in everything on Earth, it must be extracted from it… and there is in western Afghanistan in the salt flats a deposit of lithium to be mined, but that is what the Pentagon said which was in the Soviet records from 1979-1989 occupation.


Intelligence is a Drug

Intelligence is a drug too, you display your smartness in boasting and using big words, and learning big words. I’m on a high as I type, I see a crash in my future… a stumbling block to my progress through this path, but I have to avoid it, if I’m to find my way around it.

So, I’ll just sit here and ponder that thought, which is the drug’s effect the pondering, and the dreaming. When you dream, you ponder at the same time.


I pondered, and went to sleep, and now I’m up at 5:30am, which is new I was going to bed at this time regularly. I need to shake things up a bit, that is also a high, “change of routine”, or a low it depends how you hit the cycle.

Since I view everything as a vibration, one of Tesla’s secrets that he never discovered, as he wished, I’ll go down that road.

I change directions like a feather in the wind, and I don’t change when the feather is stuck in the fence of emotions, and the more the wind blows, the more I can’t move, but I’ll try to make sense of what is not understandable, as the wind has me stuck in confusion here in Montana.


Technical mysteries and Secrets

I just watched a movie/documentary called “Pump”. It discussed the different fuels and every vehicle was capable of burning different fuels. All that was needed was an update to the software, since the cars today were basically numerous computers networked together. The auto industry was in cahoots with the oil industries. They wanted to sell you a conversion kit, when you could do it yourself through the OBD-II system on the vehicles, uncovering a piece of new information is a high too, combined with a low, they cancel each other out as with audio waves.

Cause it gives you the info, and reveals the auto industry corruptions. It gives you a high and then gets you mad, at the same time. You then get set in a scheming mode. I’m just describing my experience, yours might be totally different. I’m just blatantly honest, which you might not be.

Which is another drug the anonymity of truthfulness, secrecy, people are always claiming their right to privacy. What do they have a right to hide, their shames, or their secrets?

Whatever it is, do they have a right? Which is another drug, “the rights“, which is another subject entirely, but it begs for a heated debate. Which in turn is another drug entirely, the “debate”.


Drugs is a mind altering phenomenon

Drugs are everywhere. The claims that all of life is an illusion. Maybe that drugs are everywhere, and everything is that illusion, cause it’s a part of life.

Here is a limited definition of drugs. That is close to what I’m talking about, but I went much further in my description and definition. I’ve pondered myself into a corner, please be gentle, or I’ll bite.

I’m getting in deep shit here, or am I revealing the secrets of life. Which is basically digging in shit, and finding treasures. Well, whatever it is, I’m hungry. I need to go make breakfast, basically a bowl of cereal, sliced banana and milk…

Bon Appétit