Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things

— Egos of the Artists are Dangerous Things —


Mutating DNA is a cancer to the body. Why not the artists to the culture?

The artists may be the tumors in a society. They try to be sweet like the fermenting sugars. That was proven to be all tumors in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg. When he won a Nobel Peace Prize in medicine.



To be a Cancer Tumor or Not

I don’t think of myself as a cancer tumor, but it seems like it, when I open my mouth.

I either make others sick with my views, or enlighten them.

Rather, I tend to think I enlighten them, but I speak, what I believe is the truth. We all know what the truth brings.

I like to challenge the society with the truth, and see how much resistance there is.


With villianization of marijuana as an evil drug, it was the paper that our US constitution was drafted on. We wrote it as an idea that we modeled our country on, but then feared it. There are so many conspiracies about why it was made illegal. The founding fathers farmed hemp, and had no fear of it.

I have no fear of it too.

It was spoken into law by a president in his first inaugural speech that “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. Then a couple of years later he fell for the fears, and made marijuana illegal. They needed something to fear, cause they just repealed the alcohol prohibition in 1933. By 1937 after they programmed the people with movies like Refer Madness. They villainized it so bad, that the states ratified the illegality of it.

Fear is the propagandist’s tool, it feeds the terrorists of the world.

It doesn’t put them to sleep with good dreams, they put them to naps with nightmares. They wake up and start telling of their nightmares, with their actions and deeds.


Egos are big Liars

They grandiose the truth, where it becomes a lie.

Distort it, to where it becomes unrecognizable from the truth. We make it a dream, and it’s supposed to be real, but it’s just a fantastical nightmare to some. A struggle for all, unless you like stepping on others to get to the top.

I’ve seen both sides of the coins, but people see only the value of the money. The gold buys power, and continually buying the people’s dreams, and selling those dreams too. I was caught up with the whirlwinds of my ego’s promises, before I realized that the ego was my servant.

“Ego’s thrive on deceptions, and they grow stronger with every deception.”
— unknown

It’s the diet of modern politicians… but there is a good side to egos also, but that is another post.


I would like to end this on a good note, but this is like a punk rock song. Discord all throughout the whole song.

I feel good on pushing the publish button now… but I don’t know if you want to imagine about it. You’ll need a microscope for this subject… or you won’t see the marvels I see about it.