NVIDIA Shield is Like The Red Shield


The NVIDIA Shield is the most disappointing buy… it’s done the way that Google wants it. We all know that Google has a hard time answering questions… maybe they’ll get back to you, maybe they won’t. I’m guessing they’ll pick the latter.

I’ve had a full day getting acquainted with NVIDIA Shield, and say it’s a big headache. I’m not that dumb, but I can’t figure out how to get it to read the external drives. Mainly with PLEX and KODI, I figured out to read the external drives through KODI, but not giving them thumbnails. Just seeing it as list of files, but NO thumbnails. I mean the the file when I select it, shows a thumbnail, but I have to access the drives, instead of the main window.

I have a SV3C cam I wanted to watch out my front door, and the CAMHI app that it works with, isn’t made for the NVIDIA Shield. I can download the app for my smartphone, but Google says it won’t download for NVIDIA Shield.

I paid $200 for the NVIDIA Shield, and it looks like a waste of money for the egos at Google.  I have a bad attitude.  Is it obvious?


NAS Servers Would have been Cheaper

I was going to build my own NAS server, but it seemed a bit overpowering. With loading Linux, and buying a small server, I thought $200 was easy, and it had access to Google Play store. Then I found out the app I need, wasn’t good for NVIDIA Shield.

That was the cherry on top of my disappointment cake.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out, but it requires a lot of work. I don’t have a young mind anymore, so the vigor is slow to react. Like an old man trying to act as chipper as a teen… It just ain’t there.

Well, it’s about all the ranting I can do, to make sense of this disappointment.

I know the mics are put there to bug you… both intrusively,  and truly to bug you.


Conclusion of NVIDIA Shield

I got this from KODI trying to get a link for the download for the KodiBuntu. I’m thinking of letting go of windows, and going with Linux. I see troubles in our future… it seems the Kodi Team does too.