Egos RIP in the Music Industry

— Egos RIP in the Music Industry —


Iron Man NewsGoing down for the last time in the sea of egos RIP, bobbing like apples in the bucket.

I see a massive drowning from the proud apples stepping on the fame seekers. Also the record company execs, that live like parasites on the talented singers and musicians, that fill their pockets.

Your time is coming. I hope before I die, I see it.


The fans that have made you, don’t judge you too harshly.

Though I would judge you very harshly. It’s a good thing, I don’t have any say in your judgment before I die. Except for this piece in this post, I’ve said it before… and I’m tired of talking to the walls.

Along with the marketing people manipulating the public in the shadows of the fame walls.

I see it as a resting in peace wish, cause the power you will yield, will be no more.

The fake reality shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, the public knows they are staged with talent less judges being the judges of the talents. It seems like hypocrisy rules. The record industry is locking up music videos like it’s their property, you have to go to youtube to see it. They don’t play it on remote servers.

What happened to sharing freely. It makes the world run smoother.


Conclusion of Musical Egos RIP

I feel like it seems pointless to voice this again and again, in fact I’m getting bored with voicing my opinions which no one will read, cause it’s longer than 140 characters. The verbosity of my writings are hard to understand, cause they are written for the intelligent, not the brain dweebs who don’t like to think.

Twitter is a good idea, but a major attack on the intelligence of the society. It cuts the meaning of life into bite size chunks.

How many of those bite size chunks is laced with poison?

Oh, you have to think about that to answer the question… well you can tweet about it at least.

The talent should be center stage, not the profits. There are many stages around the world, it means the global center stage needs new management.

The profits will decrease, what’s the backup plan?