Trees – We Are Free – 1984

Trees – We Are Free – 1984


I went by the band name Trees in 1984, before I switched to the name  Rain, when I moved back to New York to start the Recording Studio. I was a rookie, and on the cutting edge… which was a mistake.

I did everything in this song… I was a solo act, but I had a large stage fright which made me not a performer. I was a performer in front of the mirror, like Tom Cruise in Risky Business… but I was shy otherwise.

Being in a wheelchair, was my real reason for my shyness… but I loved working in the studio on music, and writing new songs. Well, they were new to me… once I learned to write in the other keys, and learned the scales of those keys… I could jam to my heart’s content.


Then the Stroke happened in 2004… and my whole world changed.

I couldn’t enjoy playing music anymore, but I could still listen to music, and realized that there was more to music than my own ego. I listened to different artists, and watched the mainstream music shows, that feeds the egos of fame thirsty artists.

Which made me sick… cause it took music out of the spotlight, and developed a tit to feed the fame thirsty egos.

Well, I still love music… but I see a danger to it as well.

It can motivate, as well as destroy. I appreciate it more now, after the stroke. I look at it now, from a whole new perspective. Rather, than feed my ego with dreams of fame, I look at it now, as a very appreciative companion.

I just have to know the key.