Sound of Silence is Darkness

— Sound of Silence is Darkness in Complicity —


silence-390331_640The sound of silence is more what the politicians need to do, instead of they’re sticking their feet in their mouths. In fact, sometimes multiple times.

The egos battle daily between each other, when they’re totally ignorant with the swinging of the conjectural weapons. That they swing as a light saber, wishing to strike another’s ego dead. We battle each other with our ego’s disagreements, taking us further down with the spin of a egomaniacal force, like the centrifugal force of the flush of a toilet bowl.

When the flush is over, we are dead.

The complicity is in the facts, as we know it, meaning we are totally ignorant of the world we live in, and we setup rules based on our best good guesses, and not facts. We setup our best conjectures based on the incomplete facts of the universe.

They may be right or wrong, but we refuse to see them as not cured to maturity, like wet concrete. We record our theories in the wet concrete that we leave our footprints in, whether in books or blogs.

The darkness of elections, would be fine if we were not connected to them, but we are connected to them. Sometimes too much connectivity, that we short out with stress, or some other crossed wires, mainly believing in falsehoods. The Sounds of Silence was my junior prom theme in high school. I was voted King, so the words were special to me.

Silence was the way I always sought, but my mouth and tongue, always had a different road that they wanted me to follow.

So, I’ll be silent till the flush, but I’ll hold out my heart with this blog… and type at will. So “click click…” my friends.


Gary Jules – Mad World (Tears For Fears Cover Song)