I Won’t Be Programmed.

The Casino Games In Life,

War and Destruction.

“… The reconstruction of Gaza,
And put real money into the game…”
— Matthew Miller

I won’t be programmed is a reference to Siteground’s or some other hacker censoring of my words, there’s an astronomical number of variable for the causes, but I had to change the title to that… cause IDK.

I’m not a not antisemitic, but I’m pro justice and merciful truths, instead of dictating with pride, and feeding my own narrow minded justice to defeat the enemy, I would rather make him my friend for a stable future, and love is the nutrition that we drink.

We all are liars, if you say differently, then you are lying, and it proves my theory… we teach our children to lie, with the Santa Claus stories at Christmas Time, and it’s good, cause you bury the truths with gift wrapping and sweets… which was the corporations plans to boost their profits.

I just wanted to air this Press statement, as an attack on the people with a propaganda shell, which normalizes it in the eyes of the public.

My mind is all over the place with learning MPC, and Studio One DAW Software, long with the video editing programs, and I’m sick and tired… of the worldly environment.

I feel destroyed like a ruin of, and the dictatorship of the proud Zionists, claiming they’ve been chosen by God, you didn’t hear the Majority of God, you heard only a third of God… so you were deceived by your ego.

Ego is a liar in your mind, and is lead on wild goose chases by your desires, egos are also truth tellers too, so I’m not advocating that they are only evil, they are also good, and building good structures to feed the world’s betterment.

Give us a permanent CEASEFIRE, and seek to make peace, and stop hiding behind the “CHOSEN” mask, it’s a ego trip/trap.
We won’t be complicit in the Gaza destructions, to satisfy the spoiled kids in power now.
One third of God, is the different religions of the same God,  there’s a whole universe of different beliefs, along with Islam Christianity, and Judaism.

My God is everyone alive and dead, and God is a collective spirit of everyone who has lived and died… that’s my heart’s guess, from what I learned in my prayers in my mind, and the data from the world, and I came up with that conclusion.

I don’t know it all, but I’m learning something new every day… the only thing is there is continuous corruption going on, and the fat cats feed on those corruptions. We should package those corruptions, and sell it to the pollution makers, and lock them in their ignorance cells, with the deceptions bars of the marketing world.

We should put the Jailers in their jails… and see if the world will change…
It’s my vote for change, I see it through the love lens, and not a forceful, limiting freedoms in the end, but fruitful harmony in the end.

I’m judging the Zionists, not the true Jews, only the political ones with a sinful ideology, and the Zionists fit that bill, they’re old school Jews, and I shouldn’t equate Judaism with Zionism, but I made a mistake.

It’s done, so get over it… and forgive me, is the point I’m trying to make.
Jesus said Son, be of good cheer; your sins are forgiven you.”.

When you’re mad at someone, you’re their prisoner, and standing strong is not condoning their actions, but giving the freedom to learn on their own, and they’ll eventually get it, and love you all the more for it, for their freedom to seek God on their own terms.

Like the freedom of religions in our own country… and not the closed door Zionists… that was a love tap, and not a destructive BOMB.