Darkside Details

— Darkside Details : Force has both forces darkness and light —


The darkside gives details of the borders, and points out the differences between the light and darkness. If everything was light, we all would be blind, and if everything was darkness, we all would be blind too. The mix between the two, when there is proper balance, harmony, peace, and makes a great picture.

Darkside produces more evil in the world, whereas the lightside produces more boring self righteousness people, but together they make the world what it is today. Judging others at random, without reason.

Self righteous people produce speeches that inflame their egos, and set fire to the darkside with a burning light. That’s terrorism to the darkside. They like to live in the shadows. The darkside is terroristic in nature, and retaliates at the slightest terroristic action, which produces global wars.


The darkside is more than Darth Vader and the Emperor, it covers the universe with the dark and the light forces. They have been at war for over eons, as days, still no sense of peace can be seen between them. They live for conflict between the two forces, lightness and darkness.

The darkside is looking for power, as with the lightness, I favor the lightside. There is so much more understanding in the lightness, whereas the darkside brings confusion to gain its power. They take it away from you with confusion.

You have to keep your eyes on the darkside though, or it will confuse you by surprise, and gain the power by trickery. You must never forget though, it’s your power too, and you have as much right to it.


Darkness and lightness have been at war since the beginning of time, they even created a religion they called it the Tao, though they say it can’t be named, only lived. It’s the closest thing to the truth of life that I’ve seen. Unless you want to idolize someone, which is what the Abrahamic religions do. They teach the truth, but their followers seek to idolize the first teachers of the religions, and it takes a steep fall over the cliff of understandings.

Those who survive the fall, either they go mad, and do some other atrocious act of terrorism, or they continue to teach the truth. Which is a simple truth, and the falls continue with new understandings, or they refuse the leap of faith.

Whatever it is, it goes on with the truest of understanding that we can comprehend.

God is the most mysterious force in the universe, cause God contains both light and darkness. God created them both. Why, is what I ask God everyday… and God is silent on the answer.

But I can feel God smiling, as the answer.

There is a reason for darkness it gives details to the contrast, where lightness can be so strong, that you are blinded from the pompous nature of light, and miss the details pointed out by the shadows.

Together, they make a great picture. The lightside has to hear the darkside without anger, in order for that to happen.