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HYPE Deceives

Marketing Hype Deceives, at it’s whims. I was deceived by my own assumptions of Studio One 6, that Audio files dragged out passed the limit of the audio files, was looping, but I had to make a MIDI pattern first to loop it. There maybe another way to convert it to an audio looping file, …

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Back to Studio One 6.

Here’s a Youtube Playlist I made up. This is an advertisement of my interests.  I hate advertisements, which makes me a hypocrite… but it might be in other’s interest too. It covers what you can do with it, it requires an interest bordering on fame and greed, but rationally reasonable in practice, or you’re sucked …

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Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it. It was given to you by the grace of …

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MOTH : The Meaning to Me, and Others – 1


— The Meaning of MOTH to Me, and Others – 1 —   The word MOTH to me is an acronym meaning “Matters of the Heart”. I made an Album with an image of a moth eating my brains for the cover… somebody has it. It seems I have lost it in the moves. I …

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America Suspect of the Dumbness Bomb

dumbness bomb

— America Suspect of the Dumbness Bomb : No one escapes —   The CEO’s leave America cause of the dumbness bomb, they know something that we don’t know. America is becoming dumb, and more so now that we don’t manufacture anymore. We want to go, and buy like consumers do, for the next thing …

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Sex in Digital Interactive Games


— Sex in Digital Interactive Games —   I remember first thinking of sex with the naked models, when I first saw them in magazines in the prepuberty ages. Playboy, Hustler, and any other skin magazine I saw them in. Being in the heat of puberty, it doesn’t rationalize with a reasoning mind. It just …

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Chip Card VS Old Card : A Step Backward

— Chip Card VS Old Cards : A Step Backward —     I swiped the credit card and was immediately notified I had a chip card by the machine. So I had to leave my chip card in the machine through the whole transaction of checking out. Where with the old cards, once I …

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Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts

— Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts — 11/09/2016   These deep thoughts, make me want to share my deep thoughts as a rebuttal.  Though I agree with him on many levels, I also disagree with him on many levels too. The deepness of mind is a truly attractive aspect of humankind. One that I …

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Egos RIP in the Music Industry

— Egos RIP in the Music Industry — 09/26/2016 Going down for the last time in the sea of egos RIP, bobbing like apples in the bucket. I see a massive drowning from the proud apples stepping on the fame seekers. Also the record company execs, that live like parasites on the talented singers and …

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Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – Lies


— Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – I’m Tired of the Lies —     From the corporate lies and the political lies, it’s a mess. The growing of weeds at an exponential rate in this garden of a world. It’s out of control. Do I sound hopeless, and in despair? Despair is a heavy burden to …

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Social Networking Madness


— Social Networking Madness —     Social Networking madness is the world unbalanced, like a wheel unbalanced, it causes a lot of shakes in the steering wheel for a rough ride when you reach a certain speed, and probably pulls to one side, and if you don’t balance the wheel, it wears uneven. It …

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Digital Assistants

— Digital Assistants —   Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and host of other technologies that invade our home, saying they’re bettering our lives, but I beg to differ. These technologies have a veil over them and we find out what they do over time, as we explore their power and become hooked like addicts. If …

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Marketing companies worse than the NSA

— Marketing companies worse than the NSA —   There is no more control over your privacy, it died with the internet. RIP privacy, there is always hope for resurrection. With the endless amount of servers that are out there, and specializing in one form or another, you don’t know who to block anymore. Blocking …

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Pop ups is the worst spamming

— Pop ups is the worst spamming tool ever— Especially, if you don’t click on something to bring up the pop up, it seems the massive shift to pop ups is annoying, to say the least. I leave the site once the pop up appears, I tolerate the ones that don’t block the view of …

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