Chip Card VS Old Card : A Step Backward

— Chip Card VS Old Cards : A Step Backward —



I swiped the credit card and was immediately notified I had a chip card by the machine. So I had to leave my chip card in the machine through the whole transaction of checking out. Where with the old cards, once I swiped, I could put it back in my wallet. It seemed one more test of my paranoia. Another step of irritation on the road of progress.

I don’t understand that logic, doing things so backward from before, that makes my life easier.

It makes my life harder. Change is not always a good thing, especially when it’s more trying on the soul. It’s not a move forward, but rather a couple of steps backward.

Why not encrypt the magnetic strip? It would be a step forward, instead of a step backward. Why make the process lamer… encrypt the magnetic strip!



If that’s the only difference from the strip and the chip. Then why do they make the chip so lame.

I suspect the chip is in place for their spying on the public. They know what we buy and sell, it fills their marketing databases. They can make predictions on our buying habits, and try to manipulate our ignorances for their benefits.

There are sick people out there.

Most are in positions of power, mainly politicians. Someone who likes lying is a politician. Politics is playing the fulcrum between truth and lies. It takes a skill in deceptive practices. Trump was ready to burn Hillary at the stake on election day, and quickly said in his acceptance speech the next morning that we should give her thanks for all her years of service.


Conclusion of the Chip vs the Magnetic Strip

We need to know why they put a chip in the card. It doesn’t make it safe for us, it makes it easier for them. To move their chess pieces on the boards of public’s progress. They manipulate at their whims now, and I suspect even more darker behaviors in the future.

Encrypt what we have now. Don’t fill their marketing databases. It can be used for both good and evil.

Let’s go back to why we use credit cards, or I’m going back to using cash to be a block in someone’s path… I’m the devil, or I’m the saint.

It all depends on your perspective. To a mouse, the cat is the terrorist. The cat’s point of view, the dog is the terrorist. There are many levels of a society where mankind is the terrorist.

Don’t feed the beasts, or they will bite you.  Is what the signs say in the zoo. So read the signs, there are important messages there for a reason.