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Here’s a Youtube Playlist
I made up.

This is an advertisement of my interests.  I hate advertisements, which makes me a hypocrite… but it might be in other’s interest too.

It covers what you can do with it, it requires an interest bordering on fame and greed, but rationally reasonable in practice, or you’re sucked down the human toilet, cause you didn’t have anything to grab on in the flush cycle… in otherwords informative education, instead of marketing hype.

They just want to secure their future profits, so I agree with them for now, but that can change at any moment… I’ve already been fooled by hype, but I like your trying to please your customers base.

Enjoy the things you can do with Studio One 6, and I’m against the FEE based option, once I buy it I own it.
So, once I pay for it, it’s FREE to me to use it, in whatever the way… I want.

So this is opening doors to you, and your interests too… It could change, but version 6, is kosher 4/2 me now.