America Suspect of the Dumbness Bomb

— America Suspect of the Dumbness Bomb : No one escapes —


The CEO’s leave America cause of the dumbness bomb, they know something that we don’t know.

America is becoming dumb, and more so now that we don’t manufacture anymore. We want to go, and buy like consumers do, for the next thing that is made in China. It used to be Japan when I was a kid, now it’s China.

I saw the next crane that failed on the Tappan Zee Bridge today. I see an enormous, too many to count of crane failures. The incompetence of the manufacturing of cranes. Where are they manufactured?

We need to manufacture with quality control as a norm, rather than rely on imports to do the quality control.


I received from Amazon camping lanterns, and 2 of the 3, I ordered weren’t working. One was good and bright, but the other two had defects, one was so dim it was like a keychain light and smelled like burning wire, and the other was totally dead. It didn’t even come on.

There was Indonesian writing on the boxes of the lanterns, it wasn’t in English. The one box that was written in English, that was the one that was dead.

I returned an expandable hose that broke in the first week, it was probably made in China. China is in need of quality control. Though the US is in need of quality control too. The thought of profit before quality, is becoming a common idea in business today.

Elections Dumbness

Already won the presidency…

I see so many things that are wrong with this country, but I’m not that stupid to elect a charlatan like Trump to save the day. He so full of himself, I never see him anymore not talking about himself. He know how to cover his own ass at the expense of his companies. They go bankrupt, while he skates away unharmed. I feel he will do the same thing to this country.

Bernie and Hillary, made peace to stop Trump. I ain’t so quick to pick the next historic woman president, cause I see that as worse than Trump. I don’t trust the woman after I seen this.

I’m not misogynistic, but not Hillary. The woman is dark and calculating.

To get back to the dumbness bombs of America, the elections are only a small part.


Anger Dumbness bombs

Trump plays that card, as well as Hillary, in fact they all play that card. They try and instill their fears into you, and when they make you angry, they’ve succeeded.

You become more stupid, when you think that they will save you or this country. They manipulate you, every election. Like the dumb puppets, you succumb to their charms believing the lies. That they are only talked about during the campaigns to get your votes. You know they’re lying, buy rather than get angry, and challenge them, you give in, and vote for them.

I did the first term for Obama, but next election 2012 I voted for Ron Paul.

I became aware of the fixed system, and wasn’t able to articulate into words.  Much like the Stock Market, and their financial products, like derivatives. Who understands derivatives?


 Manufacturing Dumbness Bomb

We once were deep in manufacturing, but we went deeper into marketing scams and looking for cheap labor. Incompetence rules manufacturing today. We look for the cheapest, and sell it for the most expensive under a brand name. That is as phony, as the item itself.

Trump ties comes to mind, and are made in Mexico or China. So be it employing Americans. There’s cheaper labor over the borders. So be it bringing back to America the manufacturing jobs.

Without quality control, the products go through without the tests. With the U.S. reputation around the globe, I wonder if it’s deliberate. The incompetence of the manufacturing jobs is comparable to terrorists attacks, not on the violence level, but an attack on the soul.

Inside of the soul with dissatisfaction, which is more detrimental than a bomb, and the longer destruction decays the soul. It goes deeper and makes it more of an attack, cause it attacks the spirit of man. You buy something that was designed to break by incompetence. You’re never satisfied.


Marketing Scams, Dumbness Bomb

The marketing people are a profession of liars making a swampland sound like a beach property. They do it so well, and you finally believe it.

They run the US govt, with the teleprompters and speeches written by plagiarists galore. Scam after scam working for the people, protecting the people from scams, all the while scamming them. Think about it, it’s no more conspiratorial, than denying it.

I feel like I’m lost in the forest of dumbness. If you point that out, then you’re looked at as a conspiratorial negative person. If I’m in the forest and all I see is trees. Then I’m just pointing it out… the molds growing on the trees. Cause it doesn’t concern you, then you look at me, as a nut that fell from the trees.


The Dumbness Bomb of the American Intellect

It’s been through out history, that we label who spoke out as a nut at first. They brought to the minds of the people in power the things that were usually overlooked. When I was a kid, Ralph Nader wrote a book in 1965 called Unsafe At Any Speed, and my Dad was really mad at him.

The book in question, was very critical of the Corvair car, that my Dad bought in 1963. It also covered the seat belts becoming a law in 1966, except for one state, which was New Hampshire.

Nowadays it’s against the law, to not use your seat belts. He was thought of a loud mouthed rabble rouser, but he fought for consumer protection.

He was thought of as stupid first, and a thorn in the sides of society, but eventually that dumbness bomb was an improvement to our lives. What seems an explosion of dumbness at fist, transforms into a better life down the road. It saved lives, and made safety a first priority.


So don’t be so sure the dumbness bomb you see, is bad for you. There are many dumbness bombs going off in the world today. It’s how you apply them to your life, that will make the world better place or worse place.

AI is the biggest dumbness bomb… it’s like the first atomic bomb that ended World War II.

Will it end the world or humanity? It’s a question, that everyone will have to answer to.