Pop ups is the worst spamming

— Pop ups is the worst spamming tool ever—

valentines-day-chocolate-heart-lollipop-red-white-swirl-free-stock-photoEspecially, if you don’t click on something to bring up the pop up, it seems the massive shift to pop ups is annoying, to say the least.

I leave the site once the pop up appears, I tolerate the ones that don’t block the view of the article, but it burns in my mind utter hatred of the product or site they advertise.

I just close the window that displays a pop up, not even close the pop up window, which they all want you to do, but the whole site. We need to come up with a blocker that blocks all pop up ads, no matter how they deliver it.

I went through the block ad plugin for firefox, and I had “allow some non- intrusive ads” checked, I unchecked it, and I’ll see if I have the same problems.

Pop ups is like a loud burp, that you can’t contain anymore.

Pop ups is like a loud fart, it can be embarrassing…you didn’t eat anything to justify the release of gas that stinks to high heaven.

Pop ups are like acid reflux where you reap the displeasures of indigestion, and you need a tums for a temporary fix.

Pop ups is like a pimple that won’t go away no matter how you pop it, it just keeps developing puss in its whitehead.

Pop ups is like a poison pill that you take to avoid the interrogative session they have planned for you.

Well, I talked about the comparisons of pop ups for me… I HATE POP UPS.

Especially when they block the article, and they want you to close the pop up…I didn’t click on anything to bring up the pop up.

So, if you want me to read the article, don’t bring up the popup, or I just close the site. The news is just going to happen anyway, and your ego wants me to click the close button on the pop up, you should put the “middle finger button” as a close, then I’d click it… over and over again.

At least I have an ad free experience in youtube with adblock plus, I wonder if the smartphones have an ad free plugin. I found an adblock plus for android here