Social Networking Madness

— Social Networking Madness —




Social Networking madness is the world unbalanced, like a wheel unbalanced, it causes a lot of shakes in the steering wheel for a rough ride when you reach a certain speed, and probably pulls to one side, and if you don’t balance the wheel, it wears uneven.

It causes more unbalance in the world, rather than connect people, it connects marketing companies.

Corporations are impersonating people, the fact is, corporations need people to exist. They hire people to fill their ranks, like armies need soldiers, the corporations scheme to replace armies.

Marketing is their frontline warriors with the public, and they quickly gobbled up the Facebook crazed puppets, cause the news feed was new and catchy, and they saw an illusion to be born.

They would control what you saw through algorithms, much like the Google search engine’s results, without you knowing Google’s takes liberty to show you what you want through algorithms, rather than old Google search’s… simple searching algorithms, instead of the complicated algorithms, mostly geared towards manipulations.


I remember payphones before the Smart cellphones mania, where it wasn’t the only one listening to what you said besides the one you were talking to, now the technology invaded the old ways, and quickly pushes the old out for the new. I find it invasive, rather than a choice by default. It’s like a raging river of progression, if you don’t want to fight the current, then you drown and go with the flow as a dead log.

I left out the numerous social sites that failed, or didn’t have good plan… I joined a few of them, but to no avail. I think it was FB agents making sure they failed. They fed their fear factors, which is what the govts(Leader puppets) are doing with the world now. They feed our fears with daesh(ISIS) and make a life long war, now I saw that daesh is growing stronger, making them stronger with each bomb that is thrown into the fire.

FB is a part of that, feeding the disinformation to the people. Misinformation is an honest mistake, because the disinformation you have, but the difference with mis and dis, it is what it sounds like, DIS is deliberate.

What goes on FB is going on with the host of other social sites on the web, misinfo transitioning into disinfo without a second thought.


I didn’t join FB till the Spring of 2011, it was voiced in a book when they were a young company… The Boy Kings, I bought the Kindle version. It was good and interesting for about 30 pages, then it went into a waste of reading time, and then it went into a more interesting info for the last chapter. So if you want to read of the beginnings of FB the most disorganized mess with everyone grabbing a piece of the pie, and what it has become the most successful endeavor or an experiment of the social attacks on society… I tend to believe the latter.

From what I witnessed from FB, I see power given and taken from corporations in cahoots with the progression and development of the architecture of that social site, along with the many other social sites. They are like organs within the human body each has its own mission and job. They’re their own little bodies each one Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, and they form the big machine’s body. They’re like DBs that contain data for the marketing companies.

I have a lot of suspicions some are closely guarded, cause I don’t have proof… and I don’t want to feed the conspiracy conveyor belt of disinfo. That would make me complicit in the disinfo of the psyops program… spreading fear for their own agenda.

FB made me look for the truth, and educated me that it’s filled with lies and disinfo. I think Mark Zuckerberg is a victim of the disinfo too, so I don’t blame him for his mindset. He’s a victim like all of us, even the winners were victims at one time, before the winners became losers totally unaware of their status, because of their egocentric nature. Pride has a way to make you dumb and not knowing it… blissful ignorance with a smile on your face believing in delusional things.

You’ll be surprised when losers are made kings, cause they felt and lived, while the winners of this world will be made like servants, cause they made kings and queens their servants with debt chains.

We are all victims of ignorance… the ones at the top and in power, should fear the people, cause they’re in power on the backs of the people. The people will wake up someday, and uproot the weed of power and use it as fuel to keep them warm.

I can dream.

I’ve had to learn the new terminology of Social Networking Analysis … I’m just starting… remember you don’t stop learning, or you’re dead.