Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – Lies

— Tomidjah’s Rant #12 – I’m Tired of the Lies —




From the corporate lies and the political lies, it’s a mess. The growing of weeds at an exponential rate in this garden of a world. It’s out of control.

Do I sound hopeless, and in despair?

Despair is a heavy burden to carry, but I need to carry it off out of site. To put it in check, and stop the spread of the weed growth. They talk in metaphors, as a seed to plant in the hearts of the readers, but that’s a overused example, and causes confusion or boredom in the readers. I could tell you of another example, but that’s doom and gloom.

The garden example is at least holding hope on the line. To wipe away my despairingness from existence.


Blues is what I feel like hearing now, and I would much rather be playing it… I think I’ll write lyrics, and divert my feelings lyrically.

Since blues is soulful music, I’ll just bear my soul with the things that got me down.


Truthful Blues

I watched the debates the other night, the elephants calling the donkeys jack asses.
That being the only truth I heard coming from the mouth of elephants, and the jack asses.
Corporate changes coming from the corporations, that claim the people status.
They want cars to drive themselves, another machine progression to take away our freedoms.

The truthful blues, they have the bluish hues.
They have many other colors,
but they are weaker than the bluish hues

The lies of the marketing companies paint the world, like it’s not, I feel like I’m living in a fantasy.
Where nothing is real, and when I believe, I’m disappointed by the lies, and I feel blue again.
Virtual Reality goggles are being made by corporations seeking the next trending blinders.
saying giddyap taking the horse mankind rides over the cliff to their death or flight… I’d much rather

Truthful Blues, have got me down.
I would rather be in the clouds looking down,
on this town that runs from
the Truth.

The truth is a burden that’s heavy and hard.
I’m sick of the political correctness to mask it with dullness,
cause it dulls the point, to effect the changes that need to occur.
The sharp edges become a blur and the details are lost.
It’s a foggy mind that steers your visions,
You’ll be singing the

Truthful Blues, when you’re feeling lost.
You’ve paid the cost with your feelings of frost.
Truthful blues is the cold cold feelings
of Truth.

Warm the feelings with a fire that shines.
To enlighten understandings that will wipe away the blues.
Take away the burdens of confusion and misunderstanding
and give hope a reason to live, to give, to breathe.

Truthful Blues needs a reason to breathe.
A reason to live, to give, to breathe.
Truthful blues
Truthful blues
a strong bluish hues
the truthful blues



Here is the real blues, that covers what I feel right now By Doug MacLeod called “Whose Truth, Whose Lies”